Putin says world must prevent 'collapse' of Afghanistan

Putin says world must prevent 'collapse' of Afghanistan By Qatar Day - August 20, 2021

Russian President Vladimir Putin


Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday called on the global community to prevent the "collapse" of Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover.

"The Taliban movement control almost the entire territory of the country," he told a televised press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the Kremlin.

"These are the realities and it is from these realities that we must proceed, preventing the collapse of the Afghan state," he added.

Both leaders said Afghanistan figured  prominently during the outgoing German leader's final working visit to Russia.

Putin also criticised the "irresponsible policy" of imposing "outside values" on war-torn Afghanistan.

"You cannot impose standards of political life and behaviour on other people from outside," Putin said.

The Russian president also highlighted the importance of preventing "terrorists" from entering neighbouring countries from Afghanistan, including "under the guise of refugees".

Moscow has been cautiously optimistic about the new leadership in Kabul and is seeking contact with the militants in an effort to avoid instability spilling over to neighbouring ex-Soviet states.

The Kremlin has in recent years reached out to the Taliban -- which is banned as an "extremist" group in Russia -- and hosted its representatives in Moscow several times, most recently last month.

By Qatar Day - August 20, 2021

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