Protection of your intellectual property

Protection of your intellectual property By Aleem Butt - August 08, 2021
Protecting intellectual properties

Intellectual Property Protection

How can we secure our intellectual property both inside the community and in the home design sector with the recent invasion of faraway corporate practice?

As virtual meetings and remote shows become the norm, many designers fear their intellectual property security. How much can you share online without worrying if an opportunist plagiarist will grab your job? Will customers shopping between designers bring their ideas to their competitors? Issues like this in this new remote corporate world are particularly relevant.

"Everyone has the right to defend moral and material interests derived from any scientific, literary or artistic output of which he is the authors" the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states.

In this post, we will discuss some of these problems about intellectual property, interior design software and provide some useful solutions to those concerned.

Inspiration and plagiarism - Where do you draw the line?

We everyone saw and became inspired by something at some point. There's a design, and artwork, an emblematic visual declaration that inspires the passion that enables us to make our own. We might think "Wow. I wish I did that." This facet of creation is integrated and attractive. But it'll certainly be something else when you take a concept, an image, an idea, and create nothing of your own.

It is plagiarism when a client or other designer has copied your work and hasn't gained your consent or credits. Sadly, it becomes far easier when business is mainly done online via a snapshot or a file that is exchanged directly with you or by any other way.

What can be done to prevent plagiarism?

We may take several actions and protections to ensure that our work is always recognized as ours. Watermarks can imprint your signature in an image indelibly. The program for watermarking can be available free of charge and affordably online in some situations.

The addition of a carefully expressed and unambiguous written agreement before releasing real design is another key stage in the process of sharing with customers. If a customer is committed financially to your organization, it is extremely slim to shop your ideas with other designers, and using a contractual agreement, you are secured your intellectual property.

Catching the thief

You can utilize reverse image search to find any online site on which your intellectual property is uploaded if you're concerned that your work has already been plagiarised. You may want to see a lawyer's counsel support your claims and take legal action on your behalf to increase the value of the intellectual property. Make sure that your design is proved to be yours without a doubt via time-stamped proof. Record the creation process if you wish to take it further. Here you can turn the table to work for you on screenshots.

Credit if the credit is due

But what about social media inspiration sharing? If you wish to exploit the work of another designer in any form, even only to demonstrate social media gratitude, you may certainly start by obtaining authorization. Having said that, most people will be pleased with a clearly shown credit. If, while sharing with our community, we recognize each other's talent, the reward is universal. Simply and courageously always include the correct recognitions and the artist in the tags. This courtesy of sharing credit with lovely and inspiring designs will reinforce both the industry and the community.

In an industry that only starts with a design, plagiarism will rarely help anyone. The ensuing procedure of realizing this design is quite challenging. A plagiarist could steal a fantastic design kitchen or bath, but can't steal your skill. Anybody could take an idea or a picture, but how could they go about it without the ability to do it? A company's reputation depends on its community's trust, whether it is a company or a customer.


By Aleem Butt - August 08, 2021

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