Protect Your Guests From COVID-19, Create A Healthy Sleep Zone

Protect Your Guests From COVID-19, Create A Healthy Sleep Zone By Larry Alton - June 28, 2021

Protect Your Guests From COVID-19, Create A Healthy Sleep Zone

Since the Covid-19 struck the whole world, traveling to different places for people has become more problematic. Also,new rules have been laid down by the Government, which are to be strictly followed, to stay safe against Covid-19-. Along with lockdowns being imposed everywhere in the world, travelers have become more cautious about their health, and safety has become the priority.

The guests now prefer those hotels that have undertaken all precautions against Covid-19. Sanitization of rooms, clean beds, cleaning the room each day, and many more criteria need to be fulfilled to suffice the customers. To ensure sanity for the customers, they may use Protect-A-Bed, for a  neat and clean bed where people spend maximum time sleeping or doing their work, or even eating, while at a hotel.

As moisture droplets or droplets released while sneezing are a medium for Covid-19 to spread over a large population, so it's better to ensure the mattresses, pillows, bedsheets are all clean and protected by Protect-A-Bed casings around them. This Miracle Membrane technology enforced these water-resistant protective covers for pillows or mattresses that do not allow any moisture or any insects or allergens to stick onto them. These products have passed the viral penetration test done by CDC and so are best to use for good sanitation.

Let's discuss how we can ensure a healthy sleep zone for the guests at a hotel:-

? Use of waterproof mattress protectors

The size of the mattress can vary from Full or Double beds, i.e., 54 inches wide and 75 inches long to California King-sized beds, i.e., 72 inches wide by 84 inches long. The Protect-A-Bed mattress protectors are waterproof and fit the mattresses perfectly according to their size. By using them, it's easy to clean after one guest has left. The protector can be easily removed and washed. And its property to protect the mattress from viruses will ensure no infections can spread through the mattresses.

It is harmful to clean them in commercial washing machines, as this may infect the mattresses with viruses, so protectors have made it easier to clean them. Not only droplets, but the protecting cases can keep away dust mites, bed bugs and other allergens. It is best for guests who prefer an eco-friendly atmosphere to live in.

? Using Protect-A-Bed pillowcases that are waterproof

Pillows can be Standard, King, Queen, or Body size. From small Standard pillows to extra-long pillows like the King size ones, all can be well protected by the Protect-A-Bed pillow covers. As we sleep, our face is much closer to the pillow than any other part of the body. Coughing or sneezing, or other small droplets can fall on the pillows. And as it's obvious- that all guests will require a sanitized and clean room, they will also make sure if the pillows are clean or not.

Thus, the Protect-A-Bed pillow covers are waterproof to ensure no droplet sticks onto the surface of the pillows. They are also virus protectors which allow no virus to enter the pillows and contaminate the guests. Even sweats do not penetrate such waterproof pillowcases. This allows the pillow to stay clean as well as increases the lifespan of the pillows as it prevents the destruction of its fibers.

? Casings for Mattresses need to be used

Lastly, enclosing the mattresses with protective covers is the best option to prevent their exposure to viruses and other allergens. As Covid-19 has made people alarmed about their hygiene and sanitation of whatever they use, hoteliers have to make a good investment in the protection and sanitization of all rooms so that people prefer to stay in them. Installation of encasements over the mattresses can be a lifetime investment that not only makes the beds more resistant to germs but also this can make the hotel more popular among travelers in this Covid-19 situation.

Protecting a Bed waterproof and protective coverings of mattresses have ensured protection against viruses. Also, it prevents the invasion of bugs and dust mites and other species that can cause allergic reactions and bacteria.

Other than Protecting Bed coverings, AllerZip Smooth is also another kind of encasings that have been certified to be the best option to prevent allergens. It is Asthma and Allergy Friendly, as verified by AAFA. Asthma is quite common among people. The hoteliers have to ensure a healthy sleep zone, especially for them, as small allergens can be dangerous for them if inhaled.

Prevention against bacteria, viruses, and allergens is not the only concern for hoteliers. They also have to look into better options of waterproof cases, for the mattresses and pillows which do not stain when some kind of a drink is spilled over them. It's quite common for a stain to be left behind on the mattresses on the spilling of tea or any food material over the mattress. Protect-A-Bed waterproof coverings have become popular in this aspect too. They don't allow stains to retain on them. On spilling a drink over these casings, they can be easily removed from the mattresses and washed. And as they are waterproof, the spilled drink doesn't penetrate the casing to stain the mattress. And this helps the housekeepers to easily clean them. So, Protect-A-Bed casings, are not only best for the health of the guests but also, give a helping hand to the housekeeping staff and hoteliers.


Deep cleaning of stained mattresses and pillows can be a difficult task for the housekeeping staff of any hotel. Using protective waterproof covers, which do not allow the particles to penetrate the surface and stain the pillows or mattresses, can not only decrease the hard work of the staff but also can help to prevent the costs for deep cleaning.

Protection against viruses, allergic substances, and other bacterias is fulfilled by the Protect-A-Bed protective coverings. So to ensure that visitors come and stay in a safe environment and have a healthy sleeping zone, this small investment in casings can be beneficial for a long-term income. 

By Larry Alton - June 28, 2021

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