Promotional Activities Continue in Mall of Qatar in Presence of World Cup Ambassadors

Promotional Activities Continue in Mall of Qatar in Presence of World Cup Ambassadors By A Robin - October 01, 2022
Mall of Qatar

Mall of Qatar

Promotional activities for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, organized by the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, continued today, the entertainment activities and promotional activities held in Mall of Qatar, as part of the promotional plans that precede the establishment of the first World Cup in the Arab region and the Middle East.

The event coincided today, with about 52 days remaining until the start of the World Cup, scheduled for November 20, and will continue until December 18.

In addition to the large audience, the events were attended by the Ambassadors of Qatar's Legacy, Khaled Salman, Ahmed Khalil, Ibrahim Khalfan, Mubarak Mustafa, and Faisal Khaled, director of the Ambassadors Program.

The events included many sports and entertainment activities, in light of the participation of the large audiences present who interacted with the various exhibition games, especially those involving football skills. Various competitions were also held to showcase the various football skills and competitions in electronic games.

These competitions were held in an atmosphere full of suspense, which won the approval of the audience of different ages, who raced to take memorial photos with Legacy Ambassadors, in order to document their presence in the promotional event.

In an exclusive statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA), Khaled Salman, Qatar Legacy Program Ambassador, expressed his happiness to be present in these promotional events, as part of the preparations for hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, and said that he is sure of the success of the State of Qatar in hosting this exceptional version.

He added, "What we are experiencing gives an indication of this expected success, and we, as Ambassadors for this event, are happy to be present in various promotional events, and more happy to follow up on this tireless work of which we as ambassadors are a part." He stressed that "all this cooperation between all stakeholders and those in charge of the events aims to present the World Cup in the best way possible." 

In turn, the ambassador of the Qatar Legacy Program, Ahmed Khalil, said, in exclusive statements to Qatar News Agency (QNA), that these promotional activities and events before the start of the World Cup are the most important during the period of ongoing preparations, like what is going on today in the event area in Mall of Qatar or in other events that will be held later in various places in the country, pointing out that these events contribute to publicizing the championship and the accompanying events on a local and international level, considering that they add great impetus to the atmosphere of the championship before its opening on November 20.

The Ambassador of Qatar Legacy Program expressed his happiness for his contribution to the promotion of the championship, as all other ambassadors, and for following up on this interaction by the vast masses.

For his part, Ambassador of the Qatar Legacy Program, Mubarak Mustafa, stressed that these events give a great impetus to the atmosphere of the World Cup, and that the ambassadors of the Qatar Legacy Program, are always proactive to participate in it and contribute to introducing the details of the tournament through meeting and communicating with the masses and their participation in this special World Cup atmosphere.

In his statement to QNA, the ambassador of the Qatar Legacy Program said, this special event was considered a preparatory atmosphere before the start of the event, and there are also many other events in various places such as this one that we attend in Mall of Qatar, and it will continue until the launch of the World Cup.

He concluded his statement by saying, that the continuation of these activities and events until the date of the tournament sends many different messages which is all are waiting for the event that will be held for the first time in the Arab world and the Middle East, and the most important message is that Qatar is fully prepared to host an exceptional and unprecedented World Cup.

A group of fans participating in the events especially from the fans of Latin American and European teams, expressed their happiness to participate in the promotional celebrations of the World Cup.


By A Robin - October 01, 2022

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