Pre-registration on Ehteraz will allow fast-tracking procedures on arrival

Pre-registration on Ehteraz will allow fast-tracking procedures on arrival By A Robin Rajkumar - July 19, 2021

Ehteraz website

The optional online pre-registration for citizens and residents on the Ehteraz website makes it faster and easier for passengers arriving at all ports of entry into Qatar, according to the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH).

The Ministry stated under the ‘Qatar Travel and Return Policy' section that online pre-registration on the Ehteraz website has now become optional for citizens and residents in order to streamline entry procedures into the nation.

Pre-registration is required for visitors (12) hours before to travel in order to receive a travel permit.

“Travelers who have completed the pre-registration process and uploaded all required official documents (copy of vaccination certificate, copy of PCR test results, etc.) will be allowed to use the designated fast-track route and proceed directly to the immigration checkpoint without stopping at the Ministry of Public Health's counters (only for those who meet the criteria) - We are making it easier and faster to enter the country,” the Ministry stated.

“In the event that several members of a family have completed the pre-registration process (for example, vaccinated parents with unvaccinated children), our team will review the health procedures ahead of time, allowing the family to use the designated fast track route to complete entry into the country quickly,” it added.

Additionally, officials will be able to check visitors' data and fulfill their requests in advance thanks to the online pre-registration, which will cut traveler wait times at ports of entry into the country.

After completing the pre-registration process, visitors will receive information on the procedures they must follow and the checkpoints they must pass through when arriving in Qatar.

According to the Ministry, the information of citizens and residents who completed the website's pre-registration would be saved to make the process of submitting new applications easier in the future.

To clarify, unvaccinated citizens and residents who intend to go overseas to a non-green nation must first book hotel quarantine packages through the Discover Qatar website at one of the certified quarantine hotels in Qatar.

Individuals planning to travel overseas should be informed of the health procedures in place in their destination country, including the length of quarantine and the requirement for a COVID-19 certificate.

For travel overseas, a PCR test must be performed at private healthcare institutions that have been approved by the Ministry of Public Health.

By A Robin Rajkumar - July 19, 2021

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