Life hacks have become a popular trend on the internet, offering shortcuts and tips to make our daily lives more convenient. Here are some practical life hacks tailored for a hassle-free experience in Qatar.

Petrol Payment with QID

Do you not have enough money to pay your bill, so you are stuck at a petrol station? Don't worry! It is possible to temporarily pay your gas bill with your Qatar Identification Card (QID). It is true—though most of us are unaware of it. As long as you have your QID, you can pay for the fuel you have filled later. However, to take advantage of this offer, which is exclusive to Woqod members, you must first register at a gas station.

Note that not all petrol stations have this incentive for their regular customers.

Expiry Corners in Hypermarkets

There is a section in the grocery store where products that are almost expired are placed and sold for less in almost all hypermarkets in Qatar. Here in Qatar, expiration dates are significant. Therefore, to prevent these products from going to waste, they sell them for less money while ensuring that the customers know the expiration dates of each item. Please remember to use these products before they expire when you purchase them.

Use Maps for Traffic Monitoring

These days, the internet is flooded with applications that promise to make tasks easier or complete them more quickly. Especially in Qatar, GPRS functionality on mobile applications is quite useful. The app has a unique feature that allows you to see exactly where traffic is heavy and provides the quickest route to your destination. Certain apps can help you avoid traffic violations by automatically updating the speed limit along the route and alerting you of speed radars along the way.

Stop at the Baqalas for Mini-Grocery runs

The number of mini-grocery stores, or baqalas as they are more popularly called, is rising quickly here in Qatar. It is one of the reasons store owners are constantly looking for new methods to retain their customers. Simply give them a quick honk, and a member of staff will take your order and bring everything inside for free. You simply pay for your order when it is delivered, leave the grocery, and proceed hassle-free to your destination.

Discount on Traffic Violation Payments

Residents, locals, and expats may violate traffic rules and regulations on a common basis. The Ministry of Interior, acting through the Traffic Department, considered providing this special scheme as a way to lessen the burden for violators. You will only be required to pay half of the fine if you make the payment right away within the first month after the traffic infraction was issued. Pay it as soon as you can, and you will receive a 50% discount—do not wait days or months to do so. This is not valid if you exceed the one-month limit. The discount is not valid for Violations related to seatbelts or mobile usage.

Car Wash in Malls

Sick of waiting in line at the car wash? This annoying issue can be resolved with a quick hack. If you are looking for convenience during the car wash process? The best thing to do is go to parking lots of malls and get your car washed while you shop. You have time on your side in this way, so you do not have to wait for your turn. Quickly wash your car while you dine and shop.

By Naveed - February 07, 2024
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