Police College to Turn into an Academy by Next Year

Police College to Turn into an Academy by Next Year By Darlene Regis - January 20, 2022
Police College to Turn into an Academy by Next Year

Police College of the Ministry of Interior

 The Police College announced today that it is about to turn into an academy by next year 2023, to become a comprehensive umbrella that brings together all training and education sectors at the Ministry of Interior, as part of a series of development witnessed by the college since its establishment in 2013.

The Director General of the Police College Brigadier Abdul Rahman Majid Al-Sulaiti, said in his speech during the graduation ceremony of the fourth batch of student candidates, which was held today, that the college's ambition does not stop at a certain limit in the development process, and it will move steadily towards transforming the college into a police academy by next year, appreciating the great support provided by the wise leadership to this educational edifice, which has been credited with the march of development and excellence over the past eight years.

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In his speech, Al-Sulaiti referred to the development process that the college has witnessed since its establishment at various educational, academic and training levels.

He said that the Police College pays most of its attention to improving the educational and training process in order to achieve the vision of the wise leadership in the country, which provided all possibilities for investing in education and placing it at the top of its priorities as it is an engine of development and one of the social rights enjoyed by Qatari citizens.

He added that the college sought to establish this meaning through the application of quality in education and training in accordance with approved development plans, to bring its graduates to the best levels of academic and training qualifications and military discipline.

Al-Sulaiti stressed that the Police College has taken a unique path in the field of training that was inspired by the best practical experiences, thanks to which it obtained advanced positions in sports tournaments at the local and international levels.

As for the scientific and research levels, the Director General of the Police College explained that the college has issued a scientific journal specialized in legal and security studies, in which a group of professors in the legal and police fields took part.

With regard to cooperation with its counterparts around the world, he pointed out that the college has joined a number of relevant federations, starting with joining the International Association of Police Academies, which was considered a great achievement for the college.

Al-Sulaiti expressed his congratulations to the graduate students, calling on them to persevere, give, take responsibility, serve the country, protect its gains with honesty, sincerity and dedication, and deal with citizens, residents and visitors with respect and appreciation.

The Police College celebrated the graduation of the fourth batch of 90 students, including 85 Qatari students from the Ministry of Interior, a number of military authorities in the country, and 5 students from the State of Palestine.

With the graduation of this new batch, the number of students who graduated from the College in the four batches reached about 420 students, including a number of students from Arab countries.

Source: QNA

By Darlene Regis - January 20, 2022

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