Police Academy Showcases Latest Publications at Doha International Book Fair

Police Academy Showcases Latest Publications at Doha International Book Fair By A Robin - May 12, 2024
Police Academy

Police Academy

The Police Academy is participating in the 33rd edition of the Doha International Book Fair through a booth showcasing its latest scientific publications, reflecting its unwavering commitment to promoting knowledge and exchanging expertise in the fields of security sciences and law.

In remarks to the Qatar News Agency (QNA), Captain Mohammed Rashid Al Dosari, Head of the Scientific Publications Department at the Security Research and Studies Center at the Police Academy, said that the academy's latest scientific publications serve as an important platform for transferring knowledge and practical experiences in the fields of security, law, and professional development. He added that participation in the book fair aims to raise awareness of the latest research and publications that contribute to the development of the security sector and improve the performance of police officers.

Al Dosari explained that this participation enhances the opportunities for communication and interaction between the academy's faculty, trainers, and researchers and the public interested in topics related to police, security, and law. He pointed out that this helps to exchange expertise and knowledge and develop the capabilities and skills of security personnel.

He emphasized that the Police Academy's participation in this cultural event reflects its continuous commitment to developing and strengthening security work and achieving leadership in related scientific research fields.

He pointed out that the academy's booth includes new publications, books, and scientific materials studied by academy students, as well as peer-reviewed scientific books that are studied during the training period for academy cadets, in addition to publications from other Police Academy institutes, whether for officers or affiliates.

He stated that the academy will translate some publications of the Public Safety newspaper during its participation in the book fair. He added that the academy will also hold specialized interactive seminars on legal topics within its booth.

Al Dosari highlighted that among the most important publications in the Police Academy's booth is the "Journal of Legal and Security Studies," a biannual peer-reviewed scientific journal. He invited all visitors to the fair to visit the booth, explore its diverse collection of scientific publications, and benefit from the knowledge and seminars offered by the Police Academy.


By A Robin - May 12, 2024

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