Paano magbukas ng Overseas Filipino Bank (OFBank) account online?

Paano magbukas ng Overseas Filipino Bank (OFBank) account online? By Qatar Day - December 24, 2020
OF Bank

OF Bank

Narito na ang Overseas Filipino Bank (OFBank)! Ang pinakaunang branchless at digital-only government bank sa bansa, para sa overseas Filipinos (OFs), overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), at kanilang mga beneficiaries.

Mas pinadali na ng OFBank ang pag-open ng bank account kahit nasaan ka man. Sa loob lamang ng limang minuto, pwede nang magbukas ng iyong bank account gamit ang OFBank Mobile App.

Panoorin ang video tutorial na ito sa pag-open ng inyong OFBank account para sa mas mabilis na pagpapadala ng remittances, bills payment, at iba pang mga banking services saan mang panig ng mundo.

Basahin ang sumusunod na mga gabay tungkol sa OFBank (sa wikang Ingles):

What is the Overseas Filipino Bank (OFBank)?

The Overseas Filipino Bank (OFBank), a digital-only and first branchless government Bank, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Land Bank of the Philippines (LANDBANK).

OFBank was created to cater to the banking and financial requirements of overseas Filipinos, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), and their beneficiaries. Following its special mission, OFBank is dedicated in providing reliable and secure financial products and services to meet these requirements, including the delivery of quality and efficient foreign remittance services.

Where are OFBank’s branches located?

Since OFBank is a digital-only and branchless government bank, it does not have a physical branch. All of its features such as account opening or fund transfers can be accessed online through innovative platforms—the OFBank Mobile Banking App and OFBank official website ( for the delivery of faster and more convenient transactions anywhere in the globe.

However, LANDBANK branches may accommodate the following transactions:

• Claiming of ATM/Debit Card

• Replacing of ATM/Debit Card

• Deposit of Checks and Cash (for areas without LBP Cash Deposit Machine)

• Withdrawal exceeding P50,000.00

What types of accounts does OFBank offer?

• OFBank offers the following ATM Savings Accounts for Overseas Filipinos, OFWs, and their beneficiaries:

• OFBank Visa Debit Card for Overseas Filipinos and Overseas Filipino Workers

• OFBank Visa Debit Card for Beneficiaries

• OFBank Regular Debit Card for Beneficiaries (for customers below 18 years old, but at least 7 years of age)

How can I open an account?

• To open an OFBank account, simply download the OFBank Mobile Banking App via Google Play or App Store and follow the steps provided for account opening.

• You shall receive a confirmation on the OFBank Mobile Banking App and via email once your account opening is completed successfully.

• For a detailed step-by-step guide in opening your account, view FAQs for “Overseas Filipino Bank (OFBank) Digital Onboarding System with Artificial Intelligence (DOBSAI).”

What are the requirements for opening an account?

Before opening an account through the OFBank Mobile Banking App, make sure your internet connection is secure and be ready with your active email address and active mobile number.

Have one (1) of the following valid identification (ID) cards on-hand for scanning and verification purposes:

For Overseas Filipinos and Overseas Filipino Workers:

- Passport



For Beneficiaries:

- Company ID

- Driver's License




- Passport

- Postal ID


- School ID

- Senior Citizen ID



- Voter's COMELEC ID

Reminder: Ensure that the details you will provide in the application match the details in your selected ID.

Do I need to submit a hard copy of my supporting document/ identification (ID) card?

No. You will only be submitting your supporting document/ID online through the OFBank Mobile Banking App. During the account opening application process, you will be asked to capture a valid, photo-bearing document or ID from the list provided above, in the OFBank Mobile Banking App. This will serve as the supporting document required to complete your application.

OFBank Mobile Banking App utilizes Digital Onboarding System Artificial Intelligence (DOBSAI), a mobile banking deposit account opening facility which facilitates real-time account opening by employing image recognition technology that captures and uploads your facial image, which will be compared against the photo in your identification (ID) card.

How can I transfer funds to my beneficiary’s OFBank or LANDBANK account?

Transferring funds to your beneficiary’s OFBank ATM or LANDBANK account can also be done via the OFBank Mobile Banking App, free of charge.

What should I do if my card got lost/stolen?

Immediately report the incident to our Customer Care Hotline at (+632) 8-405-7000 or at PLDT Domestic Toll Free, 1-800-10-405-7000. You may also send an email at

You may also have your card immediately blocked through the iAccess online banking facility: by following these steps:

• Log in with your OFBank Mobile Banking App User ID and Password.

• Click "Report of Lost/Stolen ATM Card" under "Features" found at right side panel of the screen.

• A system generated acknowledgement number will be shown onscreen as reference of your successful card blocking.

• You may temporarily block the usage of your card for domestic/international transactions through the MOBILOCK feature of the OFBank Mobile Banking App.

How can I get my OFBank ATM card?

Visit any LANDBANK branch near you,  then proceed to the New Accounts Counter. Present the ID you uploaded in the DOBSAI, and answer basic Know Your Customer (KYC) questions.

How do I unlock and reset my OFBank Mobile Banking password?

• Click "Unlock your iAccess ID?" from

• Enter your OFBank Mobile Banking App User ID and click Submit.

• Enter the One-Time PIN (OTP) to be sent to your registered email address. The OTP is valid within the next 30 minutes from the time of request. Once expired, click "Re-generate OTP".

• Answer the Challenge Questions (nominated upon enrollment).

 Note: The answer to the Challenge Question should be within the required parameters such as the following:

• Maximum of 15 characters. Please disregard any character in excess of the limit.

• Spaces, commas (,) and periods (.) are recognized by the system and are also counted as characters.

• The answer to the Challenge Question is NOT case sensitive.

• Once your account has been unlocked, you may log back in using your most recent Password.

• Otherwise, click "Forgot your Password" from the iAccess home page.

• Enter your User ID then input the OTP sent to your registered email address.

• Answer the Challenge Questions.

• Set your New Password.

I can’t log-in to my OFBank Mobile Banking App. It says I’m either currently logged in or I did not log out my last session properly. What should I do?

Wait for at least 20 minutes and try logging in again your OFBank Mobile Banking App.

By Qatar Day - December 24, 2020

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