Over 40,000 people from Kabul evacuated safely by Qatar

Over 40,000 people from Kabul evacuated safely by Qatar By Qatar Day - August 26, 2021

Qatar continues its evacuation mission


In coordination with countries and parties on the ground, Qatar has facilitated the evacuation of more than 40,000 people safely from Kabul to Qatar. Most of the evacuees are transiting in Qatar, where they are hosted temporarily for a few days before departing on flights to their onward destinations.

The evacuation efforts will continue in the coming days in consultation with international partners.

The evacuation efforts are an extension of Qatar’s commitment toward the people of Afghanistan and their right to dignity and safety. The evacuated groups include families, women, children, and minorities. 

At the request of international groups including NGOs, media organizations and educational institutions, the State of Qatar safely evacuated thousands of Afghan employees and their families, as well as female students from across the country. 

Qatar also facilitated the evacuation of citizens from the United States of America, Germany, the United Kingdom, and other countries.

As guests of the State of Qatar, all evacuees that do not immediately transit are being provided with a PCR test, COVID-19 vaccine (if requested), transportation and temporary accommodation, as well as healthcare, meals, and all basic necessities. Qatar is currently temporarily hosting a large number of evacuees most of them students, families and journalists.

As an impartial mediator, Qatar has been talking with all parties to facilitate aid and evacuation, while staying informed of the policies and actions taking place on the ground. Qatar will spare no effort in supporting the people of Afghanistan through diplomacy, dialogue, and developmental projects to achieve stability and prosperity.

By Qatar Day - August 26, 2021

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