Ooredoo, Doha Bank Collaborate in Ministry of Labour's Summer Internship Program

Ooredoo, Doha Bank Collaborate in Ministry of Labour's Summer Internship Program By A Robin - July 31, 2023
Summer Internship Program

Summer Internship Program

The 2023 summer internship program, targeting Qatari students, continued to operate under the auspices of the Ministry of Labour and numerous private-sector corporations. This initiative forms part of the broader National Program for the Job Localization in the private sector and will run throughout the summer break. Within the communications and information technology sector, seven students took part in the summer internship program overseen by "Ooredoo". Meanwhile, Doha Bank supervised five students participating from the financial and insurance sector.

The number of students enrolled in the summer internship, which will continue until the end of next August, has reached "198" students, who have applied for internship in a number of different sectors.
The summer internship program, one of the human capacity development programs launched by the Manpower Employment Department at the Ministry of Labour in cooperation with the private sector, aims to provide participating university and school students with experience and develop their skills to the extent that qualifies them to enter the labour market, in addition to investing in the future Qatari workforce.

Determine their orientations and make the best use of free time during the summer vacation in a way that benefits them and instill values of responsibility and commitment.

The summer internship program presents students with a unique chance to gain insight into the professions of approximately 31 distinct sectors and fields, including notable ones like finance and insurance, services and transportation, communications and IT, real estate and contracting, as well as energy and industry.

The program gives students the ability to assess the compatibility of their skills and capabilities with these industries, aiding them in effectively planning their future academic and professional trajectories.


By A Robin - July 31, 2023

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