Online Open Saving Account The Smartest Way to Start Saving

Online Open Saving Account The Smartest Way to Start Saving By May 15 Media - May 08, 2024

Online Open Saving Account The Smartest Way to Start Saving

Health is wealth, and vice-versa. So, just as you want to take good care of your health, building wealth has become equally important. That gives rise to the topic of this post. The easiest way you can build wealth is by saving more on your savings account.

But as a beginner in the world of finance and investments, things might become daunting for you at first. So, this post gives you an insight into planning your future by saving more. You can start saving for emergency purposes by opening a savings account. So, are you wondering how to open bank account online? Let's find out more.

Look for the Key Features

Instant account opening: The procedure of opening a bank account is simplified, enabling customers to accomplish the procedures within a short period and start using the account immediately.

  • Immediate account number generation: When the account opening is completed successfully, customers get their account number immediately, which means they can start their operations immediately.
  • Instantaneous access to your account: Customers who are registered with IDFC FIRST Bank are able to log in to their newly opened account. They can do so on the bank's mobile banking app without delays. So, banking becomes a hands-on experience.
  • Video KYC with no physical documentation requirement: The bank may use video-based KYC processes. Nonetheless, physical documents are equally important as it simplifies the account opening process.
  • Lucrative interest rate: The bank provides a good interest rate on deposits and savings accounts. So, it ensures that your money grows at a competitive rate. The best example is the IDFC FIRST Bank.
  • Free multiple transfers of funds: Customers can send money without any fees. Hence, moving their funds from one account to another does not cost additional charges.
  • Free Visa Debit Card: After online saving account opening, you may get a free Visa Debit card. This helps you transact or withdraw cash without additional charges.
  • Seamless SMS alerts and e-statements to keep track of transactions: The bank has an SMS alert system. Notably, it enables customers to get timely updates and digital statements for account-based transactions and activities.

Considering these features, it can be stated that IDFC FIRST Bank offers the best features to meet your requirements.

Steps to Create a Savings Account with IDFC FIRST Bank

Wondering how to open a bank account online? So, if you are planning to create a savings account with IDFC First Bank, the following are the steps you should consider:

  • Visit the application link
  • Enter the name and mobile number (don't forget to include the email address)
  • Enter the Aadhaar number and PAN number
  • Fill in your personal and occupational details
  • Save money in your account

One quick note: It is optional to complete the KYC video.

Final Words

Ideally, you must define your financial goals while considering an online open saving account. You should also closely monitor your expenditure and savings to detect areas where you can reduce expenses and save more.

By May 15 Media - May 08, 2024
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