Omani Souq

Omani Souq By Shalini - March 22, 2022
Omani Souq

Omani Souq

Omani Souq is a low-key local market in Doha, but it’s worth a visit just to soak up its colourful tableau of spices, clay pots, perfumes, and baskets.  Unlike some of Doha’s tourist-orientated markets, Omani Souq is mostly visited by locals in need of a household item or some fresh fruits and vegetables.

From the jumble of stalls, look for tasty Saudi dates and local honey, while those in need of refreshment could stop for a cup of Karak – a traditional Qatari tea.

Location: Salwa Road, Al Maamoura, Doha, Qatar

Open: Daily from 7 am to 10 pm

Phone: +974 6672 0259

By Shalini - March 22, 2022

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