Oman Airports starts welcoming visitors from all over the world

Oman Airports starts welcoming visitors from all over the world By Qatar Day - September 03, 2021

Oman Airport

Oman Airports opens today its doors wide to welcome travellers coming to Oman from all around the world, coinciding with the lifting of the quarantine requirement and with the decision of PCR examination requirements to detect COVID-19 before or upon arrival in Oman coming into force for those who have received the two approved doses of vaccines for COVID-19 in Oman, starting from midday on September 1, 2021, marking the return of the operations to the previous activity and giving the green light to major international airlines to conduct their activities in operating their domestic and international flights through Oman Airports after the restrictions imposed by the pandemic on Oman’s airports in whole, and in part for nearly a year and half due to national precautionary measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 and the subsequent emerging types.

With the expectations of operational operations returning to pre-pandemic levels and to achieve the highest standards of health and safety at Oman Airports, Muscat International Airport has implemented packages of measures in line with the precautionary and preventive requirements which come in compliance with the national efforts to prevent the spread of the emerging COVID-19 to ensure the safety and health of all passengers and airport workers; this by allocating a special path for immunised arriving passengers who have a PCR test before travelling to Oman, and another path for those who are not vaccinated or who did not conduct a polymerase examination in advance, to ensure the smooth flow of their arrival according to the procedures followed in these cases. These new routes included special paths for first and business-class passengers, special paths for GCC citizens, and special paths for travellers with special needs.

In Oman Airports statement, the Vice President of Muscat International Airport, Saud bin Nasser Al-Hubaishi, stated: "We are pleased on this holy day and we are on the threshold of returning to our full operations, at Muscat International Airport as well as the rest of Oman's airports. We congratulate all the families of our airports for this good return, which we all have been longing for, for a long time, for what its worth to return to continue our sincere national role in receiving and farewell to all the visitors from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, Arab and friends from all parts of the world. Because we are the gates of beauty and opportunities to this blessed country.

He added, “Implementation of a set of strict precautionary protocols at Muscat International Airports and Salalah enabled us at Muscat International Airport to obtain international recognition as the first airports in the Middle East in application of health standards related to COVID-19, and we are still constantly updating these protocols and procedures in line with the international standards adopted in this regard and aligning it with the national precautionary requirements approved by the concerned authorities in Oman. In this context, we would like to thank wholeheartedly the competent authorities for their continuous efforts in assessing the epidemiological situation worldwide and updating protocols aimed at ensuring the safety and health of travellers to and through Oman’s airports.

'Oman Airports' emphasised the importance of adhering to the precautionary measures and wearing a face mask at all times inside the terminals, and maintaining social distance of at least one and a half metre inside the airport premises. It also called on travellers to present the required travel documents at their destination to be able to enter the passenger terminal, as entry to its airports’ buildings will be restricted to those who are vaccinated only as of today, and only travellers are excluded from this procedure.

By Qatar Day - September 03, 2021

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