Old Doha Port Area Development as Tourist Destination Complete

Old Doha Port Area Development as Tourist Destination Complete By A Robin - November 04, 2022
Old Doha Port

Old Doha Port

Officials of the Old Doha Port unveiled a project to develop the port area and turn it into a city, to be a tourist destination during the World Cup.

Executive Director of the Old Doha Port Eng. Mohammed Abdulla Al Mulla said, at a press conference, that the project was took 4 years to transform Doha port into a new tourist destination and a marina for cruise ships, after the transfer of cargo operations to Hamad Port.

He stressed that the project was built on an area of 800.000 square meters, confirming that the project contains a main terminal for passengers, which receives more than 300.000 tourists annually, according to the expectations by Qatar Tourism, and will also receive visitors through cruise ships.

Al Mulla stressed that the project will leave a legacy after hosting the World Cup to serve the State, highlighting that the official opening of the port will be before the start of the World Cup, and was preceded by a trial opening, and the working hours will be from 4 pm to 10 pm until Nov. 15. And after opening it will be from 4 pm to 2 am before the World Cup events, stressing that all shops inside it were rent.

He underlined that the project includes a mixed-use area with more than 50 cafes and restaurants, and more than 100 shops, and most of which will be interested in marine activities and water sports, it also includes 150 hotel apartments, and a main hotel with 30 rooms, adding that the design of the project was inspired by sea shipping containers, and a new city was built inside it inspired by Qatari architecture, especially houses located on the Qatari coast, and will receive visiting ships.

Al Mulla highlighted that the port contains three categories for receiving yachts, Marina for small-sized yachts, and 30 wooden boats to be floating hotels to receive World Cup guests, emphasizing that the port will receive visiting personal vessels, and 50 parking spaces were allocated to receive mega yachts in length from 50 to 160 meters with many reservations for these yachts.

He continued the visiting yachts project was planned only several months ago, and with the concerted efforts of all parties, great facilities have been put in place for people entering the country with their yachts, in coordination with the Ministry of Interior, the General Authority of Customs, WOQOD company and Mwani company, stressing that the entry and inspection are carried out at the port.

The Executive Director of the Old Doha Port Eng. Mohammed Al Mulla concluded that a number of basic services have been provided to the owners of visiting yachts, including water and sewage services, and a fuel station will be located through a huge ship, close to the port less than half a kilometer away to provide them with an exceptional experience. 

Executive Director of Old Doha Port Mohammed Abdulla Al Mulla said that the port will host three floating hotels during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 that has a capacity for 12,000 people. He added that announcement onse hotels were made before and will be available on the housing platform for the World Cup. 

He added that the floating hotels will arrive on Nov. 10, 14 and 18. He added that there are reservations available through the official platform, with a number of rooms that will be offered in phases. 
For his part, Head of operations and projects at the old Doha Port provides facilities and shops that include water supplies, changing rooms, and toilets, in addition to personal stores, which are allocated on a daily or temporary basis and provide all the needs to facilitate the practice of activities. He said that they took into consideration linking the project to the Corniche, as the project adds approximately 8 kilometers to the Doha Corniche. The port also includes 5 kilometers of environmentally friendly and comfortable Tartan running tracks, and another 5 kilometers of cycling paths, and all these facilities are interspersed with gardens and green spaces, on an area of 200 thousand square meters. He noted that the old Doha port pays great attention to Qatari entrepreneurs, and the project will provide promising investment opportunities for the private sector. He pointed out that it also includes the main fish market in the city, and shops that serve tourists and provide supplies for the sea, in addition to providing housing for them.

He added that the shops in the Old Doha Port are 100-percent Qatari ideas and have a relationship with the marine environment, adding that they meet the needs of different parties. 

The project was constructed to serve visitors during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 tournament, he said, stressing it will be one of the country's tourist destinations, as it is strategically located next to the Corniche, which is one of the main centers for fan events during the World Cup. 

Al Atwan said that the port will be the headquarters of Al Kass Channel's main studio during the tournament. He added it is equipped with giant screens, and it will be a source of attraction for visitors. 

He added that the port is part of the Corniche and applies the same procedures for the Corniche area, highlighting that Hayya Card and official permits for employees, working cadres, tenants and guests of floating hotels and wooden ships will be mandatory for entry. He added that fans will be able to come to the port on foot.

He said that the port includes bus stops during the World Cup, to connect the fans to the main stations in Souq Waqif, which helps transport the fans to the main event points in the country. The metro station near the Qatar National Museum is 500 meters from the port, he noted.

Located near the Corniche and Stadium 974, the port will provide a new experience for the World Cup fans, the Director of Operations and Projects at the Old Doha Port said, noting that housing in the floating hotels encouraged visitors to stay in the port and enjoy its wonderful services.

He pointed out that the port includes a floating gas station in Marina area, which serves all marine users throughout the year, adding that the port also includes ice-supply shops, a floating supermarket and provides all elements of security and safety in all its facilities, in line with the directives of Ministry of Interior and the security and safety system of civil defense.


By A Robin - November 04, 2022

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