Officials in AU, Negotiators Commend Qatar's Efforts in Hosting Doha Peace Agreement

Officials in AU, Negotiators Commend Qatar's Efforts in Hosting Doha Peace Agreement By A Robin - August 08, 2022
Doha Peace Agreement

Doha Peace Agreement

Several officials in the African Union (AU) and the Chadian negotiating parties affirmed the great importance of the Doha Peace Agreement and the Participation of Politico-Military Movements in the National, Inclusive, and Sovereign Dialogue in Chad, which was signed Monday in Doha under the auspices of the State of Qatar, with the participation of Politico-Military Movements in the Chadian National, Inclusive and Sovereign Dialogue.

In exclusive statements on this occasion, the officials told Qatar News Agency (QNA) that Qatar's successful hosting of the negotiations that led to this agreement, is a clear evidence of the trust they place -along with the international and regional community- on Doha, which enjoys weight, extensive experience and a good reputation, in the field of negotiation and crisis resolution, to reach agreements and reconciliations that are acceptable to all, and to achieve the interests of countries and peoples to live in sustainable security and peace.

For his part, HE Chairperson of the African Union Commission (AUC) Moussa Faki affirmed, in his statements to QNA, that the signing of today's agreement which deals with the National and Inclusive Dialogue in Chad, is another opportunity to extend thanks to HH the Amir, the government and people of the State of Qatar for the state's appreciable efforts to reach this achievement, which represents an important stage on the road to building Chad and bringing peace to it through inclusive dialogue.

His Excellency said that this event, which has been successfully hosted by the State of Qatar, will continue between the parties in Chad on Aug. 20, affirming that AU will support the negotiations and help in efforts to peacefully resolve the conflict in Chad, which needs the support of the international system, according to him.

His Excellency reiterated his praise for the remarkable and appreciated efforts made by the State of Qatar to make the negotiations between the Chadian parties happen in today's agreement.
In this context, HE Chairperson of AUC commended the State of Qatar for providing the Chadian parties an opportunity to meet and negotiate in Doha, noting that this step has led to the peace agreement, which will pave the way for an inclusive and sovereign national dialogue in Chad.

On turn, head of the national coordination for change and reform in the Alliance of Resistance Democrats in Chad Dr. Hassan Ibrahim Asil, described the aforementioned agreement as excellent, pointing out that it was carried out with the consent and acceptance of all negotiators and signatories, and under Qatari auspices that was trusted, accepted and respected by all dialogue parties.

In his statement to QNA, Dr. Asil added that the Doha Peace Agreement and the Participation of Politico-Military Movements in the National, Inclusive, and Sovereign Dialogue in Chad have transcended all previous Chadian bitterness, as the signatories decided to move on from the past, proceed with determination and firmness in negotiations, and give an opportunity for peace.

He added that Chad have been drained by conflicts and war, and that it is time for its people to live in peace and harmony and to look forward to a promising future that serves its stability and meets the aspirations of its people.

In a statement to QNA, former Minister of Finance and member of the negotiations committee Mahamat Allamine Bourma Treye said the agreement forged Monday in Doha is an important step towards peace, national reconciliation and reconstruction of Chad following the years-long fighting.

Treye called on all signatories, whether from government or opposition, to exert all efforts and abide by all the aspired outcomes to fulfil the Chadian people' aspirations for peace and security and to uphold the national interests.

He added that the negotiators placed great confidence in the State of Qatar and its hosting of the negotiations that culminated in hammering out the Monday agreement as an achievement to be welcomed by all peace-loving countries worldwide.

Deputy president of rally of Chadians unity for development movement Mahmat Osman Taher hailed the Doha Peace Agreement and the involvement of political and military movements in the inclusive political and sovereign talks in Chad, stressing the Chadian people's appreciation and welcoming of the event and the continuous roles exerted by the State of Qatar in mediations and reconciliations worldwide. He added that this was a joyful event for the Chadian people and whoever seeks peace and good for the humanity.

Taher stressed that negotiation and dialogue, which Qatar successfully hosted and continued despite challenges, were the sole track towards peace in Chad, reiterating calls for all Chadians, irrespective of political affiliation, to express gratefulness for Doha and to take part in the N'Djamena negotiations.

He further called on affiliates of other movements who did not participate in the talks so far to catch what he called the train of peace that Qatar led with all possible experience, perseverance and skill and to contribute to a sustainable peace for the sake of their homeland and people who suffered greatly due to disputes.

Head of the national rally for democracy Prof. Bashar Assad Mahamat Aqeed said that the news coming today from Doha was joyful for the Chadians with the signing of the peace agreement.

Aqeed, whose party is participating in the talks, said in a statement to QNA that the confidence of all Chadian parties in Qatar led to this result that is welcomed by all. He pointed out to the State of Qatar's attested experience, impartiality and adoption of peaceful solutions, stressing the Doha Peace Agreement serves as an important transformation in Chad's future march towards peace and stability, reiterating calls for parties which rejected participation in the negotiations to involve in the subsequent phases.


By A Robin - August 08, 2022

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