Nissan accelerates public-private collaborations as part of efforts to eliminate counterfeit parts

Nissan accelerates public-private collaborations as part of efforts to eliminate counterfeit parts By A Robin - May 01, 2023
Nissan factory

Nissan factory

Specialized trainings for cross-industry authorities, partners and customers aimed at augmenting detection of counterfeit parts at various levels

In line with its long-standing mission to ensure customer safety, Nissan Middle East has taken a bold step to reduce the presence of counterfeit spare parts in the region. Engaging a broad aftersales ecosystem, Nissan has undertaken the development and delivery of counterfeit spare part identification training sessions for authorities, partners and customers across the Middle East.

Nissan’s ongoing collaboration with government entities across the GCC continues to grow, with trainings currently deployed to Customs Authorities and Economic Departments. Teams are trained to identify frequently counterfeited items, including spark plugs, brake pads, and oil filters, and detect the subtle differences between a genuine and counterfeit product.

Thierry Sabbagh, President, Nissan Saudi Arabia, INFINITI Middle East and Managing Director, Nissan Middle East, said: ‚ÄúCustomer safety and satisfaction remain our number one priority, and we are committed to our responsibility towards protecting our customers from the dangers of counterfeit products. Through our partnerships with authorities across the Middle East, we are taking concrete steps to ensure that our customers have access to genuine products that deliver added safety and peace of mind, while retaining the authenticity of our Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).‚ÄĚ

Mr. Nassim Mourani, General Manager Automotive Group at Saleh Al Hamad Al Mana Company, said ‚ÄúSafeguarding customer safety is our utmost priority and detecting counterfeit parts is a crucial part of that process. By investing in our collaboration with partners, authorities and employee training, we are significantly improving the safety and integrity of our vehicles ‚Äď and passing on real reassurance to customers."

The global automotive counterfeit market continues to pose an imminent risk for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians, reducing the performance and reliability of vehicles in the long run. The trainings hosted and provided by

Nissan, form part of the brand’s wider efforts against counterfeit products in the region, such as visits to over 320 retailers across the GCC in the past six months to verify the genuineness of aftersales products in the market.

Earlier this year and as a testament to its sharpened focus on aftersales products and services, the company hosted the prestigious Nissan Aftersales Conference, gathering longstanding partners from across the region. Sharing insights and highlighting its roadmap for future successes, the conference solidified Nissan’s commitment to customers across the Middle East and the need to embrace phygital touchpoints in creating a seamless ownership experience.

Nissan‚Äôs aftersales product portfolio in the Middle East, comprises of over three million spare parts, including Nissan Genuine Oil, Nissan Genuine Batteries, and Nissan Genuine Accessories. This is supported by over 500 Value Advantage¬ģ parts that offer Nissan-validated performance, quality, and easy installation at a more affordable price.

Nissan's aftersales network includes eight certified distributors with a total of 101 branches across the region. Servicing vehicles at certified Nissan aftersales centers, customers stand to benefit from a host of advantages, including repair warranty, technical expertise, and on-time service, amongst others.

Customers who encounter counterfeit spare parts or would like to confirm the authenticity of a product are urged to reach out to Nissan's regional call center at +971 600 54 6655 or via email at

By A Robin - May 01, 2023

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