NHRC Inaugurates 'Human Rights and Football' Art Exhibition

NHRC Inaugurates 'Human Rights and Football' Art Exhibition By Aulia Silva - November 17, 2022
NHRC Inaugurates Human Rights and Football Art Exhibition

Human Rights and Football Art Exhibition

The National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) inaugurated the "Human Rights and Football" exhibition in the garden of the new Sheraton Hotel on the Doha Corniche, as part of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022-associated events.
HE NHRC Member Mubarak bin Abdulaziz Al Khalifa said that the exhibition comes out of the NHRC's keenness to take advantage of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 as a real momentum for tangible positive changes to bolster human rights and educating different social groups that human rights concepts and principles are essential in various fields of life, including sports.
His Excellency noted that the exhibition paintings reflect the importance of achieving sustainable development, preserving the environment, and contributing to building a footballing future through voluntary teamwork, deepening familiarity between people, boosting the right to practice sports without discrimination, gender equality, and the right of everyone to practice sports, especially those with special needs, and the importance of enabling them to participate fairly and equitably in recreational and sports activities.
HE NHRC Member Turki Al Mahmoud said that human rights are included in all areas of life, including sports, and the right to sport may be one of the most important rights, and may amount to the right to life because of its great positive impact on human health. His Excellency pointed out that the exhibition coincided with Qatar's hosting of the World Cup, where the human rights and football exhibition included paintings that carry very important meanings while practicing or watching sports in general and football in particular, describing sport as one of the most important tools of social peace.
In the same context, HE Secretary General of the NHRC, Sultan bin Hassan Al Jamali voiced his thanks and appreciation to the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy for the continuous cooperation and facilitation of this important exhibition within the activities of the World Cup, noting that the State of Qatar is living these days in historical moments that unite different nationalities and cultures of the world under one goal, noting that sport is a means of uniting peoples in demonstrations that reflect the positive spirit amid the facilities that the State of Qatar has worked on over the past years for the convenience of the World Cup fans.
His Excellency added that the paintings of the exhibition express these meanings, which include the rights of workers, people with disabilities and other groups, and that the paintings embody the principles of human rights in the practice of sports in general and football in particular, and send many messages related to the rights and duties of fans such as rejecting racism in stadiums, spreading a culture of tolerance and peace, and providing benefits for the most vulnerable groups in practicing and attending sporting events.
The art exhibitions come within the framework of the recommendations of the First National Forum for Human Rights on the need to approach the concept of the "right to sport" and the values and principles contained in the relevant resolutions of the Human Rights Council and the Olympic Charter.


By Aulia Silva - November 17, 2022

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