Foreign Minister: Qatar is ready to support in rebuilding Iraq

  • 12 months   ago
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The Foreign Minister HE Sheik Mohamed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani, while speaking in a high-level event on supporting responsibility and justice for post-conflict in Iraq, communicated Qatar's desire to work with the international community to help Iraq and to encourage international peace and security. 

Foreign Minister showed his concern about the IS group in Iraq and the horrendous crimes it had conferred, representing it as a risk to the stability and the security of the region and the world. He said IS wrongdoings made huge number of civilians to escape and leave their homes in a bid to protect their lives. 


He indicated to the unforgiving and exorbitant experience of the spread of terrorism and its serious hazards to the solidarity and soundness of states and the cruelties committed by terrorism associations constitute an outrageous infringement of the international law, the worldwide philanthropic law and human rights. 

Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulrahman said that it is imperative to understand that the extinction of terrorism and the gains accomplished have been to a great degree exorbitant at different levels, including Qatar acknowledges the sacrifices made by its counter-terrorism accomplices and reiterates its sense of duty regarding working with them to battle terrorism in every one of its structures, depriving it of any safe haven and stopping its sources and locking its assets. 

He said "this empowers us to promote co-operation and joint activity. We are meeting today to talk about what should be done after the eradication of the ISIS in Iraq and soon in Syria and wherever terrorist exists." 

He focused on the fact that adherence to the law, regard for human rights and safety of the people is pivotal to eradicate terrorism and consolidate the success. 

The Minister further added that the violent destruction and plundering of archeological destinations and historical and cultural property constituted a war crime and a crime against humanity as these are historical monuments and a piece of the human heritage

The Foreign Minister applauded Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, and the Iraqi individuals on the explicit accomplishments made in crushing terrorism and freeing Iraqi lands from the powers of wickedness and evil.

He communicated his profound sympathies to the victim families and communicated his deep gratefulness to the International Coalition Against the IS for its incredible role in supporting Iraq and going up against terrorism.