Entry-Exit Law for Expats Explained

  • 11 months   ago
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A number of expatriates are not yet clear about the new labor law that regulates the entry and exit of expatriates workers, particularly in regards to their rights to travel for annual leave or for any emergency. 


According to the law, a worker has the right to travel on the due date of his yearly leave or in case of any urgent circumstances or any other reason intheir home nation after notifying their employer, according to the terms and conditions mentioned in the employment contract. 

The worker is eligible to receive ticket and compensation from the employer, however in the event that he is leaving permanently, he ought to get end of service gratuity. 

In any case employees particularly at high positions or those dealing with financial issues or criminal charges, might be obliged to inform before leaving Qatar as cited qatartribune.

The law recommends Qatar's keenness to protect the rights of expatriate workers, as a result Qatar has launched a number of measures, like the Wage Protection System (WPS) to protect expat workers. A fine of QR25,000 is forced on employers who hold the passports of expatriate workers.