New TOD Original Unveils Unseen Struggles And Triumphs Of Arab Tennis Star Ons Jabuer

New TOD Original Unveils Unseen Struggles And Triumphs Of Arab Tennis Star Ons Jabuer By Syed Murtaza - January 01, 2024
New TOD Original Unveils Unseen Struggles And Triumphs Of Arab Tennis Star Ons Jabuer

"This is Me" Ons Jabuer Documentary

TOD has announced the release of its new Original – a documentary deemed to be a gripping portrayal of the highs and lows in the life of renowned Tunisian Tennis star Ons Jabeur. Titled ‘This Is Me’, the film, executed in collaboration with Ons, captures the essence of Ons' inspiring journey as a trailblazer in Tunisia and a hero across Africa and the Arab world. The documentary not only celebrates her achievements but also addresses the harsh realities of the professional tennis world, where not every story concludes with a fairy-tale ending.

Inspired by her mother's passion for the sport, Ons started playing tennis at the age of three. The 29-year-old Ons Jabeur is now the most successful Arab and African tennis player of all time and a hero to millions and continues to compete at the very top of the women’s game, reaching three Grand Slam finals. Her sunny disposition and her ability to connect with fans across the globe has earned her the nickname ‘Minister of Happiness’. ‘This Is Me’ provides exclusive behind-the-scenes footage following Ons throughout the 2023 season, offering unparalleled insight into the life of one of the region's most prominent stars.

The documentary, starting with Ons in London post-Wimbledon and relaxing at home in Tunisia, takes a chronological approach, revealing previously unknown physical challenges she faced after the Australian Open. Interspersed with family anecdotes from her childhood, the documentary provides a comprehensive look at the person behind the tennis star. It sheds light on her battles at Wimbledon, overcoming challenges to reach the final, only to face bitter disappointment. The raw narrative unfolds at the US Open, revealing the aftermath of a devastating defeat and the physical and mental toll it took on Ons.

A central theme of the documentary which will be available on TOD starting 7 January, is Ons' candid openness about her mental health struggles, providing a relatable and human perspective to her journey. The film courageously touches on personal aspects, including her desire for children and the dynamics of her unique relationship with her husband Karim Kamoun, who serves as her full-time fitness coach – a rarity in professional tennis.

"This is more than a sports documentary; it's a compelling human story that transcends borders and resonates with audiences worldwide. We invite our MENA viewers to witness the unfiltered truth behind Ons Jabeur's journey and be inspired by her resilience in the face of adversity,” said John Paul Mckerlie, VP, Marketing and Sales at TOD. 

By Syed Murtaza - January 01, 2024

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