Natural Treatment For Men Suffering From Low Testosterone Levels

Natural Treatment For Men Suffering From Low Testosterone Levels By Daniel Clark - June 11, 2018
Natural Treatment For Men Suffering From Low Testosterone Levels

Natural Treatment For Men Suffering From Low Testosterone Levels

The term ‚ÄúTestosterone‚ÄĚ refers to a steroid hormone generated in men's testicles and also in women's ovaries. When the body fails to produce the normal amount of testosterone, it is referred to as ‚Äėhypogonadism‚Äô, which is also called low testosterone.¬†

Testosterone is the main driving force of physical changes like a deeper voice, hair growth, bone density, sex drive and increased muscle during puberty in boys. Although normal levels are essential during adulthood, it is at the highest and reduces a bit every year.  Healthy levels are also necessary for disease-free living, sexual functionality, and general health. 

Today, the issue of low testosterone in men is so rampant. So, if you have low testosterone like so many men do, here are the best natural treatments that will increase your testosterone levels faster and safer.

11 Natural Treatments for Low Testosterone in Men

Here are some natural treatments you can imbibe to boost your testosterone levels.

1. Maintain Healthy Fats: It is very important to add healthy fats in your diet. If you eat lots of junk food and too much of carbohydrates, you will end up with low testosterone. You can remove all the empty calories and add up healthy fats. The three types of healthy fat are: 

(a) Healthy saturated fat -- which can be found in fermented dairy products like goat milk, coconut oil and raw sheep or goat milk cheese or yogurt. Meanwhile, do not take conventional dairy because, it can impede your testosterone levels.
(b) Healthy omega -3 fatty acids -- which you can get from salmon fish. You can also get omega - 3 from chia seeds, walnuts and flaxseeds‚ÄĒnatural plants that are very effective for low testosterone.
(c) Monounsaturated fats -- are natural testosterone boosters which you can get from eating one avocado every day or consuming almonds and olive oil that can help to boost your testosterone levels naturally.

2. Reduce your Stress: Serious stress kills good quality of life, especially for people struggling with unforgiveness, frustration, and anger. These stress elements can reduce your testosterone levels with time. When you undergo chronic stress, your body will be forced to produce a stress hormone called cortisol, then, which will negatively impact your testosterone levels. So, it is important to sort out all the unforgiveness, anger, frustration and emotional issues and it will help you to increase your testosterone level naturally.

3. Use of Vitamin D: It has been demonstrated that vitamin D is an essential nutrient that can boost testosterone levels naturally. It has also been shown that vitamin D3 help to prevent and treat cancer. If your vitamin D levels are not correct, your testosterone levels will be low. You can go out in the sun 30 minutes each day to detoxify your body and receive the necessary vitamin D. You can also take Ginseng, which have also been shown to increase testosterone levels.

4. Stop Sugar Habit: If you wish to develop normal hormone levels and to boost your testosterone naturally, there is need to stop the sugar habit now. Sugar has been linked to low testosterone levels in so many ways. Also, most men are suffering from diabetes as a result of the high blood sugar levels they have, which makes their body unable body can no longer produce the right level of testosterone. Consuming sugar can reduce both total and free testosterone levels. 

5. Consume Cruciferous Vegetables: cruciferous vegetables are one of the healthiest food choice that can help to improve testosterone levels. Cabbage, bok choy, Broccoli and others have indole-3- carbinol, which is a precursor to diindolylmethane. These phytonutrients help to control estradiol levels, hormone that can reduce testosterone levels. Always make it a point to consume your broccoli and cabbage.

6. Have Quality Sleep: Getting enough sleep at the right time is among the most essential ways to increase testosterone. Sleeping between the hour 10 p. m. to 2 a. m. is an added advantage to the body.  Try going to bed at 10 p. m. and wake up 6 a. m. for normal hormone balance. To increase your testosterone levels, sleep seven to eight hours at night. The body circadian rhythm resets itself at night and it releases cortisol that contributes to hormone balance, which in turn, prevent low testosterone levels.

7. Reduce Body Fat: There is a linear relationship between weight loss and increased testosterone naturally. Considering the effects of insulin resistance and poor sleeping habit of testosterone, they are perfectly connected together with obesity. It is very important to stop taken processed sugars, which has been connected to diabetes, obesity, insomnia and so many hormone disorders.

8. Detoxification of the Liver: Liver is very important to testosterone levels, but when the liver does not function properly, it affects the output of the testosterone because the liver has the enzyme that conjugates 17beta-hydroxyl group of testosterone. It was reported that the level of liver cirrhosis disease in 90% of men result from serum testosterone reduction.  This clearly demonstrates the effects of liver function on testosterone.

9. Intermittent Fasting: This is when you’re missing breakfast, and eating your food closer together. It permits the organs to rest, most especially the liver which is important for natural hormones balance, especially for testosterone.

10. Socialize more: So many studies have shown there is a relationship between loneliness and a higher level of a stress hormone called cortisol. Some studies reveal that young adults who felt lonely during the day woke up with increased cortisol the next day. It is advisable to associate more with families and friends, share your thoughts, concerns, and feelings. These will reduce stress cortisol levels, and consequently help you to maintain a healthy testosterone level as long as your cortisol level is low. 

11. Consume Clean Foods: The beverages and food you consume have a serious impact on your health and your testosterone levels. The majority of animals product such as poultry, dairy, fish and red meat, harbor contaminants like hormones, steroids, dioxins, pesticides, and antibiotics. So, endeavor to only eat organically produced foods.

Final Thought

There is a strong link between low testosterone in men and the effect of obesity, in relation to increased risk of other diseases and eventually premature death. So, healthy testosterone levels are very essential to energize your body. Therefore, consider your lifestyle and implement changes to normalize your testosterone levels.  This article was written by the Maleshop. The Maleshop is a male enhancement website that sells male enhancement supplements for men that suffer from various sexual dysfunctions including low testosterone levels, low sex drive, low libido and impotence. 

By Daniel Clark - June 11, 2018

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