Msheireb Museums Getting Ready to Host Tourists Arriving on Qatar Tourism's Cruise Ships

Msheireb Museums Getting Ready to Host Tourists Arriving on Qatar Tourism's Cruise Ships By A Robin - October 19, 2023
Msheireb Museums

Msheireb Museums

Msheireb Museums is getting ready to host tourists arriving on Qatar Tourism's cruise ships during the 2023/2024 season, promising novel experiences to tourists visiting Doha during the upcoming cruise season.

The busy winter cruise season typically kicks off in October through January each year when the country hosts over 80 cruise ships each day through the Doha Port.

"We are thrilled to continue our work with Qatar Tourism to offer visitors a rich path through which to explore the history and culture of Qatar as Msheireb Museums became a favored destination during past seasons. Msheireb Museums exists to educate and inspire, and to help each visitor see a new historic dimension," said Operations Manager at Msheireb Museums Mohammed Al Yousuf.

"The cruise ship tours are a vital pillar in achieving Qatar's National Tourism Sector Strategy to become the fastest growing tourist destination in the Middle East by 2030. Each season brings new successes to the country's cruise sector, in terms of growing visitor numbers, additional cruise route launches to Doha, and an increase in the number of layover trips through Doha" said Head of the Tourism Product Support Section at Qatar Tourism Maryam Saoud.

The four heritage houses that form Msheireb Museums were maintained and renovated reflecting the essence of the Qatari heritage while adopting the latest interactive visual and audio technology offering visitors an immersive experience. They are Bin Jelmood House, Mohammed Bin Jassim House, Company House and Radwani House.


By A Robin - October 19, 2023

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