Mowasalat plans to recruit over 14,000 staff for World Cup

Mowasalat plans to recruit over 14,000 staff for World Cup By A Robin - September 24, 2022
Mowasalat Bus

Mowasalat Bus

In addition to the 3,000 operational staff, the company disclosed plans to hire around 9,000 drivers and 2,000 customer service agents.

The company added that the electric vehicles used during the competition would be used after the World Cup as part of public transportation, serving Qatar's vision to use alternative or electric energy. 

The buses will operate on more than 300 routes within an advanced road network that leads to various stadiums, facilities, tourist attractions, and lodging areas for visitors.

This edition, the first in the Arab world and the Middle East, is thought to be the most closely spaced in history due to the eight World Cup stadiums being an hour's drive from downtown Doha. 

This privilege allows fans and players to always be in the same location and allows fans to attend more than one match per day during the group stage.

This outstanding World Cup edition will offer a special platform for introducing Qatar and the Arab country to the outside world and a special chance to experience the genuine hospitality of Arabs and Qataris.

By A Robin - September 24, 2022

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