Most In-demand Jobs in Qatar During Pandemic

Most In-demand Jobs in Qatar During Pandemic By Darlene Regis - April 13, 2021
Most In demand Jobs in Qatar During Pandemic

Most In-demand Jobs in Qatar During Pandemic

Unemployment has soared nationwide during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, but hiring in Qatar demand is starting to rise in some fields, including sales, management, and technology.

Many employers are hiring right now and they want to connect with people who are immediately looking for work.

What is expected in Qatar Labour Market nowadays?

• Remote working  and working from home will become the norm during pandemic

• Interviews, meetings, and training will be done remotely with tech tools available

• Career changes due to a changing marketplace - more people are upskilling to create new opportunities in these challenging times

• Conferences and events will utilize online video tools and tech solutions during shutdowns

What are the jobs with the fastest-growing demand in Qatar today?

Roles with largest monthly increase in job posts (from January 2021 to date according to LinkedIn and based on job portals)

Top Jobs in the Frontline:

Jobs with the overall demand today are industries from healthcare, MedTech, and pharmaceutical including:

• Registered nurses - There is a high demand for nurses and healthcare practitioners today as they are needed day and night to assist in the treatment of COVID-19 patients

• Patient care /nursing assistants - Similar to the role of nurses, they serve as support for administrative and clerical tasks that help people get the care that they need when they go for medical treatment, including those infected with the virus.

• Pharmacy technician - Medical treatments are now increasingly demanding and there must be in-charge for back support in pharmacies especially this pandemic

Companies are looking ahead to the coming year and shifting their businesses to meet the demand for basic commodities. With this, more startup consultant jobs are needed, which job opportunities for:

• Restaurant worker - While many restaurants remain closed for in-person dining, they accept take-away orders and need workers to help prepare food for delivery.

• Food/product delivery driver - Many prefer to order online for their food, grocer, and other daily supplies. Therefore, more and more delivery drivers are needed to meet this demand.

As the FMCG industry is on the rise, there are more job opportunities for the following positions:

• High-tech and Manufacturing Workers

• Ecommerce and Online Retailers

• First-Line Supervisors of Retail Sales Workers

• Stock Clerks and Order Fillers

As online business has become more important during the pandemic, there is a high-demand for IT consultant jobs in Qatar workers who can manage the technology.

Organizations work to improve their tech infrastructure to support more remote work, while also building out new products and services.

• Technical program manager - For jobs in the information technology field that involve leading groups, they develop new software products for businesses or individuals

• Salesforce developer - Companies use Salesforce, one of the world's foremost customer relationship management (CRM) technologies, to manage their online marketing, sales and service.

• JavaScript developer - JavaScript is a technology that helps websites operate. Having a skill for this field is a plus factor.

Sales & Marketing

Many high-paying remote openings also fall in marketing and communications. Organizations expanded their e-commerce functions over the last year and needed additional customer service workers to support these operations. 

More customer-oriented leadership roles are opening up as companies make a long-term commitment to build their online presence. 

The top marketing and customer service roles include:

• Retail salesperson

• Warehouse associate

• Cashier

• Customer service

• Communications specialists

• Director of marketing campaigns

• Creative copywriter

• Director of communications and outreach

• Director of marketing

• Head of content and community

• Director of professional services

• Director of concierge experience

• Associate vice president of digital strategy

• Sales (account executives, business development)

• Account management (account manager, customer success)


Many are hiring additional finance leadership roles to help balance budgets during the pandemic, and to get companies back on track in the months ahead.

• Account manager

• Director of accounting

• Mortgage underwriter


Tech roles that support digital transformation initiatives continue to be in high demand. Jobs in engineering and web development continue to be in strong demand.

In-demand digital roles:

• User interface designer

• Data architect

• Data scientist

• Software engineering manager

• Security engineer

• Full stack engineer

• Javascript developer

• DevOps engineer

• Software engineer

• Backend software engineer

• Cyber security

• Product manager

• Senior product designer

• Digital payment project manager

• Site reliability engineer

• Design practice lead

• Designers

• Service design

•Design operation managers/leads

• UX researchers

More temporary jobs will become available as companies look for contingency and business continuity in these times of uncertainty. hr consultant jobs in Qatar.

As more job vacancies are being offered online, there will be an increase for HR consultant jobs in Qatar. Recruiters will be needed to fill the gaps in manpower requirements.

The above list of some of the most in-demand roles and types of jobs hiring can be remote-based during the outbreak. For more job openings, visit Apply now!

By Darlene Regis - April 13, 2021

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