MoPH sets 5 controls for circulation of pharma products in health facilities

MoPH sets 5 controls for circulation of pharma products in health facilities By A Robin - July 19, 2022
pharma products

pharma products

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) published a circular addressing all private health facilities in the country regarding the circulation of pharmaceutical products within health facilities on July 17, 2022. 

The Department of Licensing and Accreditation of Health Care Facilities asked all healthcare facilities to adhere to the required labeling system inside all health facilities when possessing, buying or selling any pharmaceutical materials and all imported products should be labeled with the name of the authorized agent or importer as well as the price. Prior approval must be obtained from the Pharmacy and Drug Control Department for import and a label with price displayed on the product imported by the health facility.

"It is strictly forbidden to purchase or trade any medical product, herbal medicine, food supplement or cosmetic product except from licensed sources," the circular added.

When purchasing from an authorized agent or licensed importer for the first time, request the following: a copy of the company’s health license issued by MoPH, a copy of the product registration or classification certificate approved by MoPH," the ministry added.

"In case, if there is no pharmacy inside the health center, obtain prior approval from the Ministry for the list of pharmaceutical products used by the health facility," MOH said in the circular. The ministry pointed out that all pharmaceutical products should be stored inside the pharmacy or a custom room if there's no pharmacy at the center. 

The Ministry also warned the public from dealing with unlicensed entities or anonymous persons stressing that all legal measures will be taken against violators.

By A Robin - July 19, 2022

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