MoEHE Organizes Competitions for School Students on the Occasion of Ramadan

MoEHE Organizes Competitions for School Students on the Occasion of Ramadan By A Robin - April 21, 2022
Artistic and religious competitions

Artistic and religious competitions

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education organized a number of artistic and religious competitions on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan for school students at all educational levels.

These competitions aim to highlight the students artistic talents and express the holy month with distinguished drawings, in addition to developing their religious information, as well as activating the students participation with drawings specific to the Ramadan atmosphere, and highlighting and developing their artistic creativity.

As for the religious competition, the competition is about asking various religious questions, with the aim of educating the participants and inciting competition among them in terms of the speed of answering the question.

The Ministry announced the names of the winners of the competitions for the second week in a row, which were launched last Sunday.

In its second week, the artistic competition included the expression of the Garangao night. Thraya Aman Al Balushi, student from Zainab Preparatory School for Girls, won first place, and in second place was Kenzi Medhat Ahmed, student from Al Shahaniya Preparatory Girls School. As for the religious competition, student Lian Abu Bakr Saad won first place and student Mustafa Mahmoud Mohammed was in second place.

Since its launch on April 7, the competitions witnessed great interactions by students by sending their creative drawings about Ramadan and their answers to religious questions that were broadcast on the ministry's social network accounts, where nearly a thousand participants competed in the two competitions (artistic and religious).


By A Robin - April 21, 2022

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