MoEHE offers inclusive classes at 82 schools

MoEHE offers inclusive classes at 82 schools By Sruthi Nair - March 18, 2024
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Ministry of Education and Higher Education

According to an official, 82 schools across all grade levels have inclusive classrooms for children with disabilities thanks to funding from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

A Special Education Guidance Expert at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Manaa Al Hababi, stated, "Included classes have been made in 70 specialized regular schools operating across the country for students with disabilities (boys and girls)."

Speaking with Qatar TV recently, she claimed that two schools serve hard-of-hearing pupils and four schools serve students with visual disabilities.

According to Al Hababi, there are six specialized schools called "Al Hedaya School for Special Needs," with two kindergartens for every grade level for both boys and girls.

According to her, inclusive schools provide early intervention, individualized instruction, family support, and career and technical pathways for secondary school students based on their interests in order to assist children with disabilities.

In order to enable children with disabilities to access the general education curriculum (in the general education classroom) and be held to the same high standards as their peers, inclusion entails assisting them through specific learning goals, accommodations, and adaptations.Al Hababi stated, "A number of teachers with disabilities are also working with schools of inclusion which have adequate number of qualified teachers," in reference to educators who work with pupils who have disabilities.

According to her, secondary school pupils were given instruction in both technical and professional fields.

"After they graduate from high school, students with disabilities can enroll in professional diploma courses offered by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in collaboration with nearby universities," stated Al Hababi. According to her, the MoEHE works in tandem with the Ministry of Labor to provide these students appropriate employment so they can live happy, fulfilling lives.

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education provided full assistance to Al Hidaya Government Schools for People with Special Needs. The school offers care and attention to students in order to rehabilitate them and integrate them into regular life. This is part of state efforts to improve the quality of education for all sectors of society.

Schools use technology to help students develop their abilities and skills by relying on cutting-edge electronic gadgets that assist teachers in their job and expand students' minds, such as current devices that aid in the development of movement and balance, nerve control, and emotional management.

This is accomplished by using electronic drawing and following various geometric shapes with colors and musical tones, which encourage pupils to play and move. Other screen-drawing technologies help to build control and foster a spirit of challenge among determined individuals.

Students are placed into classes based on their proportion and type of disability, and cases are handled individually or collectively depending on the activity.

Source: TheĀ Peninsula

By Sruthi Nair - March 18, 2024

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