MoECC Survey Finds Qatar’s Marine Ecosystem and Coral Reefs Healthy

MoECC Survey Finds Qatar’s Marine Ecosystem and Coral Reefs Healthy By Sruthi Nair - June 23, 2024
Qatars marine ecosystem

Qatar’s marine ecosystem

A survey conducted by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MoECC) has revealed that the marine ecosystem and coral reefs in Qatari waters are healthy, indicating a rich marine biodiversity.

The study, executed by a scientific team from the Wildlife Development Department in collaboration with the Marine Protection Department, aimed to assess the local marine system's health. This evaluation supports the protection of marine habitats and their biological diversity. The MoECC shared a video on its X platform, showcasing a clean and vibrant marine ecosystem, including coral reefs, fish, and other marine life.

Coral reefs, among the oldest ecosystems on earth, are crucial marine habitats in the Gulf region, noted for their productivity and sensitivity. They provide essential shelter and sanctuary for numerous marine species. Qatar boasts one of the richest coral reef populations in the GCC, with about 48% of the total in the Arabian Gulf region. The eastern and northern coasts of Qatar are particularly dense with coral reefs.

Qatar places significant importance on biodiversity preservation programs, notably marine projects like the coral reef conservation initiative. The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change has intensified efforts to protect the marine environment.

During a recent inspection campaign, the Ministry seized two boats for illegally throwing fishing nets on coral reefs, violating environmental laws. The Marine Protection Department issued violation tickets to these boats and referred the cases to the relevant authorities.

The Marine Protection Department urges seagoers to protect the marine environment by avoiding waste disposal in the water, refraining from using prohibited fishing tools such as multi-layered nylon nets, and not fishing in coral reef or prohibited areas. Coral reefs are vital natural assets in the Arabian region, particularly in Qatar, as they are crucial habitats for many fish and aquatic organisms. Damaging these reefs disrupts the environmental balance and affects marine life.

The MoECC has implemented several programs and projects to preserve biodiversity, including the coastal biodiversity preservation project, which has recorded 21 species of marine life. Since 2002, the ministry has run a project to protect sea turtles on Qatar’s beaches, focusing on nesting seasons. Qatar has also made notable efforts to propagate mangroves across the country, conducting studies on mangrove trees along its coast.



Source: The Peninsula Qatar

By Sruthi Nair - June 23, 2024
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