MoCI detects 108 violations by vegetables and fruits shops across Qatar

MoCI detects 108 violations by vegetables and fruits shops across Qatar By A Robin - March 15, 2022
Vegetables and fruits shop

Vegetables and fruits shop

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry carried out extensive inspection campaigns in January and February, on several vegetables and fruits stores across Qatar, to monitor the level of suppliers’ compliance with Law No. (8) of 2008 on Consumer Protection.

The inspection campaigns, which included 299 shops, resulted in seizing and issuing 108 violations including: non-compliance with the mandatory price bulletin, failure to display the mandatory price bulletin, and the absence of product information and prices. These practices come in violation of Law No. (12) of 1972 on Mandatory Pricing and Fixing Profits, and Law No. (8) of 2008 on Consumer Protection.

These inspection campaigns come within the framework of the Ministry’s efforts to protect consumer rights by ensuring that the prices applied by retail outlets comply with the daily price bulletins of vegetables and fruits issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. The bulletins aim to achieve the desired balance between profits made by the suppliers on the one hand, and the requirements of consumer protection, monitoring prices, and controlling inflation rates on the other.

The Ministry affirms that it will strictly deal with all those who neglect their obligations under law No. (8) of 2008 on Consumer Protection and its implementing regulations. 

The Ministry is working to intensify its inspection campaigns to control violating practices, and to refer violators of laws and Ministerial decisions to the competent authorities to take the due measures.

The Ministry urges all citizens and residents to report any violations or infractions through the following channels:Call Centre: 16001; social media accounts: Twitter - @MOCIQATAR and Instagram - MOCIQATAR

By A Robin - March 15, 2022

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