Ministry of Labour Processes More Than 35,000 Labor Permit Requests in March.

Ministry of Labour Processes More Than 35,000 Labor Permit Requests in March. By Sruthi Nair - April 04, 2024
Ministry of Labour

Ministry of Labour

In its monthly report for March 2024, the Ministry of Labour (MoL) has released crucial statistics and data concerning the country's labor sector, along with outcomes from inspections conducted at various establishments in accordance with the Labour Law.

The report indicates that the Labour Permits Department processed approximately 35,645 requests. These included 4,886 requests for new hires, 25,346 for general work permit renewals (extending personal numbers), 952 for special work permits (related to family sponsorships, Gulf connections, investors, or usufruct agreements), and 4,461 requests for changing job titles.

Regarding inspection visits to labor recruitment offices, the statistical bulletin revealed that the ministry conducted around 302 inspection tours, of which 248 concluded without recording any notes. Two warnings were issued to rectify violations, two companies were banned, and one report was recorded.

Throughout March, the Labour Inspection Department conducted intensive inspection campaigns to oversee establishments' compliance with labor market regulations. A total of 4,082 inspection visits were conducted across various regions. This resulted in 625 companies being alerted to rectify violations, with 680 reports documenting violations against companies. Additionally, 1,845 inspection tours were carried out at work sites and workers' accommodations, consisting of 1,428 visits to work sites and 417 visits to workers' housing.

In terms of labor complaints, the statistical bulletin indicated that the Department of Labour Disputes received 2,187 complaints, of which 346 were resolved internally and 82 were referred to dispute settlement committees. Furthermore, the department received 146 reports from the public, all of which were resolved.

According to the monthly statistical bulletin concerning labor dispute settlement committees, approximately 281 cases were referred to these committees during the past month, resulting in a total of 468 decisions issued.

Regarding employment contracts, the statistical bulletin revealed that the Department of Labour Relations received around 23,176 applications for the ratification of employment contracts, while 5,988 applications were received for labor secondment.


Source: The Peninsula

By Sruthi Nair - April 04, 2024

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