Ministry of Labour marks World Day of Social Justice

Ministry of Labour marks World Day of Social Justice By Fathimath Nasli - February 21, 2024
Ministry of Labour marks World Day of Social Justice

MoL organized a celebration on World Day of Social Justice

The Ministry of Labour, in cooperation with the International Labour Organization (ILO), organized a celebration on the occasion of World Day of Social Justice, which is observed annually on Feb. 20.

The celebration of World Day of Social Justice emphasizes the importance of social justice in achieving peace and comprehensive progress in the social, environmental, and economic fields.

HE Assistant Undersecretary for Migrant Labour Affairs at the Ministry of Labour Sheikha Najwa bint Abdulrahman Al-Thani emphasized the dedication of Qatar's third national development strategy to addressing global challenges. She noted that the State of Qatar values the contributions of expat labour and considers them a partner in the development and renaissance project pursued by the state.

She also mentioned that Qatar has implemented national policies and laws to support and enhance women's employment. These include measures to build and improve women's skills through education and training, as well as enabling women to attain public and leadership roles.

ILO Director-General Gilbert Houngbo for his part said that achieving social justice requires policies and procedures that create equal access to opportunities and provide everyone with the basics of a decent life.

For his part, HE Mohammed Hassan Al Obaidli, who is the Director-General of the Executive Bureau of the Council of Ministers of Labour and Ministers of Social Affairs in GCC States, said that the GCC countries firmly believe in the importance of promoting social justice in all aspects related to the labour market, pointing out that this interest is reflected in legislation and practices adopted and developed within the framework of labour legislation, health care, work-related injury insurance, and other initiatives that included all categories of workers without discrimination.

He Pointed out that GCC countries have sought, during the past years, to introduce many reforms that have succeeded in developing programs and initiatives to reduce any exploitation, abuse, or violation of workers rights, through many initiatives, explaining that the GCC countries have taken into account the rapid changes in the movement of supply and demand. The pattern of jobs and transformations that the world of work is undergoing in a proactive manner, to ensure compliance with international labor standards and the rights of all parties.

For his part, Acting General Manager of Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ali Bu Sharbak Al Mansouri shed light on the business community's efforts to enhance social justice, stressing that the State of Qatar implemented many legislation and procedures aimed at maintaining labour and human rights. He noted that the private sector is committed to those efforts, which include improving work conditions and protecting labor rights and business owners' rights.

Additionally, Regional Representative of the International Transport Workers' Federation Bilal Malkawi said that throughout history, the labour movement has played a key role in promoting the ideals of social justice. He pointed to the close relationship between social justice and the labour movement, emphasizing the need to promote justice and equality and defend rights in the workplace and in society as a whole. He explained that the State of Qatar has made significant strides at the local level, especially in the field of workers' rights, by amending legislation.

HE Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain Javier Carbajosa Sanchez, affirmed Spain's commitment to social justice and the values of the Global Alliance for Social Justice, which is a priority in its domestic and foreign policies. He noted that Spain appreciates the legislative updates implemented by the State of Qatar in recent years, emphasizing Qatar's significant strides at the local level, particularly in the field of workers' rights.

Moreover, Director of the ILO Project Office in Qatar Max Tunon said that celebrating World Day of Social Justice is conclusive evidence of the fruitful and constructive cooperation between the International Labour Organization and the State of Qatar. He highlighted the continuous effort to turn the principles of decent work and social justice into a tangible reality, noting the ongoing joint efforts between the ILO and the Ministry of Labour to achieve the goals of the Third National Development Strategy, especially in prioritizing the preparation of a workforce fully equipped for future challenges.

At the end of the celebration, the artistic panel by the painter Ms. Hanifa Abdul Qader was unveiled. She was able to create her artwork inspired by the words and phrases during the ceremony, emphasizing that the artwork symbolizes and indicates Qatar's collective commitment to social justice.

Source: QNA

By Fathimath Nasli - February 21, 2024

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