Ministry Of Labor Launches New Package Of Electronic Services

Ministry Of Labor Launches New Package Of Electronic Services By Nidhul - June 03, 2022
Ministry Of Labor

The Ministry of Labor Qatar

The Ministry of Labor has launched a new package of new electronic services within its efforts dedicated to digital transformation and automation of services, which primarily contributes to achieving excellence in performance, speeding up transactions and streamlining the procedures.

The ministry explained that the new electronic services package that was launched comprises four types, including submission of recruitment requests for temporary work visas, adding a government contract to the facility registry, service of submitting labor recruitment requests for government and semi-governmental institutions, as well as service for submitting labor recruitment applications for Qatar Financial Center companies.

According to the ministry, the service of submitting recruitment requests for temporary work visas allows companies and institutions to request the issuance of a temporary recruitment approval for workers to work in the State of Qatar, while the service of submitting labor recruitment requests to governmental and semi-governmental institutions allows those who are willing to recruit workers from outside the country and employ them to work for them.

The government contracting service provides to the registry of an establishment in front of the companies, the possibility of documenting a contract it has with the government entity that owns the project, while the service of submitting labor recruitment applications for the Qatar Financial Center companies, the Qatar Financial Group of Companies, enables them to submit a request for approval for the recruitment of private labor for their affiliated companies.

Recruitment requests for government agencies will be approved automatically, if they comply with the automation standards. It will also reduce the expected steps from 6 to 3 steps as a maximum and reduce them to one step in the case of applying automatic approval.

The Ministry indicated that its Digital Transformation Management Unit is working to upgrade, update and provide approximately 80 services and electronic transactions during the coming period, as the transaction will be completed without the need to physically visit the ministry's building or service offices or submit paper documents.

The Ministry pointed out that the unit relies on agile methodology, as the first institution in the State of Qatar to approve it, which will have the ability to launch new services and updates on a monthly basis, which is a significant change in the average release period, from about 6 to 8 weeks.

Ministry of Labor confirmed its commitment to launch a comprehensive electronic system for all the services it offers during the coming period, especially for those companies that are abiding by the provisions of the law. The Ministry of Labor asserted that it is coordinating with the various relevant authorities concerned with developing electronic services offered to the public to ensure the quality of services.

Source: QNA

By Nidhul - June 03, 2022

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