Ministry of Interior Unveils 'Sooum' App for Auctions

Ministry of Interior Unveils 'Sooum' App for Auctions By A Robin - October 24, 2023
MoI Qatar

MoI Qatar

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has launched 'Sooum' app for auctions organized by the Ministry's departments as well as goods offered by it, within its continuous endeavor to develop electronic services.

During a press conference held today, MoI's officials explained that the application is a new step in facilitating the procedures for purchasing goods offered by the MoI such as distinctive number plates, vehicles, boats, equipment, electronic devices, and other goods, noting that its first phase will be limited to distinctive traffic plate numbers.

Acting Director General of Traffic Brigadier Abdulaziz bin Jassim Al-Thani said this step comes within the framework of the Directorate's keenness on improving its services provided to the public through electronic systems and in line with the MoI's tenth strategic goal that aims to improve various services.

The application, he pointed out, offers two services as a first stage. The first is bidding service for the sale of distinctive number plates using the mechanism previously used in distinctive number auctions in the Metrash2 application, while the second is the expression of interest service, a new way to purchase distinctive numbers.

For his part, Director General of Communications and Information Systems at the MoI Colonel Jassim Abdul Rahim Al Sayed stated that the MoI is making every effort to develop its technological services and use the best technical means and innovate smart solutions.

He added that the General Directorate of Communications and Information Systems was keen on continuous communication with the MoI's various departments as it has the technical expertise, with the aim of improving the quality level of electronic services provided.

The Director General of Communications and Information Systems added that the Sooum application is one of the pioneering projects that the Directorate has developed in cooperation with the General Directorate of Traffic and the concerned departments to offer some traffic services through it, adding more services will be provided through the application in the future.

Director of the Systems Development Department at the General Directorate of Communications and Information Systems Lieutenant Colonel Engineer Abdulaziz Al Ruwaili explained that the new application has been developed for auctions and goods offered by the MoI's departments due to the increased demand for them and to ensure that they are offered and sold according to advanced technical systems.

He pointed out that the application was designed with the latest specifications and the best features, including 'automated bidding', which allows user to set a higher price for purchasing the number and a lower price for auction, so that the auction takes place automatically, in addition to providing the "smart search" feature for numbers to get the best results.

He also noted the filtering feature that helps users search for appropriate offers, adding the application provides the 'suggestions' feature through which artificial intelligence technology is used to suggest plate numbers that match the users' personal data. He added that the application is available in both Arabic and English and is one of the innovative electronic solutions.


By A Robin - October 24, 2023

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