Ministry of Environment and Climate Change to Implement Patrols at Natural Reserves During Eid

Ministry of Environment and Climate Change to Implement Patrols at Natural Reserves During Eid By Sruthi Nair - April 08, 2024
Purple Island

Purple Island

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MoECC) has unveiled its strategy to deploy patrols at meadows and natural reserves during Eid Al Fitr in anticipation of a surge in visitors attracted by the pleasant weather.

The objective behind this initiative is to carry out inspection campaigns across these areas to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and to safeguard the well-being of visitors.

Qatar boasts several natural reserves that are equipped with cutting-edge facilities aimed at preserving the local ecosystem while also serving as attractions for tourists. The government has established numerous nature reserves and conservation areas to safeguard and sustain ecological systems.

The responsibility for managing these protected areas and wildlife falls under the jurisdiction of the administration tasked with preserving these reserves, maintaining their environmental integrity, and proposing conservation policies, programs, and activities.

Qatar's environmental vision revolves around the preservation of sustainable wildlife, safeguarded and enhanced by an environmentally conscious society, thereby ensuring a brighter future for future generations.

The total area covered by natural reserves, which are crucial protected areas for wildlife, flora, or fauna in Qatar, spans approximately 3,464 square kilometers, constituting 23.6% of the country's total area.

There are 12 protected natural reserves in Qatar, including Al Ariq, Al Dhakhira, Khor Al Udayd, Al Riffa, Umm Al Amad, Umm Qarn, Al Sana’i, Al Reem, Al Shahaniya, Al Musahabiya, Al Lusail, and Wadi Sultana. Additionally, there are two marine reserves, namely Khor Al Adeed and Al Dhakhira Reserve, covering an area of about 720 square kilometers.

Among these reserves, Sealine and Khor Al Adaid are particularly significant. Sealine Reserve, situated northeast of Khor Al Adaid Reserve, covers an area of approximately 341,460 square meters. Khor Al Adaid Reserve, located 80 kilometers southeast of Doha, is often referred to as the inland sea and spans about 1,833 square kilometers. This reserve is renowned for attracting a large number of visitors who have the opportunity to observe rare species such as Arabian Oryx and gazelles up close.

Khor Al Adaid Natural Reserve, positioned 80 km from Doha in southeast Qatar, aims to promote eco-tourism and raise awareness among visitors about Qatar's endeavors to protect rare animal species and ensure biodiversity preservation in the country.

The overarching vision of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change for Qatar's environment emphasizes the imperative of sustaining wildlife, preserving and enhancing it through the conscientious efforts of society, thus securing a brighter future for upcoming generations.


Source: The Peninsula

By Sruthi Nair - April 08, 2024
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