Ministry of Education Introduces Mobile Library in Partnership with Mowasalat

Ministry of Education Introduces Mobile Library in Partnership with Mowasalat By Sruthi Nair - April 24, 2024
 Mobile Library

Mobile Library

Yesterday, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE) teamed up with Mowasalat Company Karwa to introduce the Mobile Library at Um Al Amad Model School for Boys, coinciding with World Book and Copyright Day on April 23. The initiative aims to cultivate an engaging educational environment, diversify reading methods, and foster social interaction among students in public schools.

Maha Zayed Al Ruwaili, Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Affairs at MoEHE, emphasized the initiative's alignment with the ministry's mission to promote a culture of reading. She highlighted its goal of utilizing students' leisure time constructively by involving them in meaningful activities, which she believes will contribute to their personal development, language proficiency, and knowledge acquisition. Al Ruwaili emphasized the initiative's role in extending the learning environment beyond the classroom, offering students an enriching experience where they can enjoy reading and participate in various activities like group discussions and reading sessions.

Acknowledging Mowasalat's collaboration, Al Ruwaili praised the company's support in implementing the mobile library initiative, considering it a model for effective cooperation and community engagement. Ahmed Hassan Al Obaidli, Acting CEO of Mowasalat (Karwa), echoed Al Ruwaili's sentiments, expressing the company's commitment to partnering with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to enhance the learning journey. He emphasized the initiative's aim to make learning and enjoyment accessible through the mobile library bus, which is equipped with books, games, teaching aids, and tablets.

The mobile library bus, designed to accommodate up to thirty students, features two floors. The first floor hosts a reading section with a wide selection of books, learning resources, and interactive games accessible via smart tablets. The second floor offers a viewing area with a smart TV screen displaying interactive questions related to Qatar's history, landmarks, rulers, World Cup stadiums, and more.

The MoEHE conducted a pilot study in July 2023 to assess students' interest in the mobile library concept, visiting several centers to gauge their enthusiasm for the initiative.


Source: The Peninsula

By Sruthi Nair - April 24, 2024
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