Minister highlights initiatives to reduce divorce rates and encourage marriage

Minister highlights initiatives to reduce divorce rates and encourage marriage By A Robin - January 07, 2024
Shura Council

Shura Council

The minister highlighted various programs aimed at fostering marriage and curbing divorce rates. One notable initiative is the national "First Year of Marriage" program, designed to rehabilitate individuals preparing for marriage. The program focuses on increasing community awareness regarding the rights and responsibilities of couples within the Islamic Sharia framework, with the ultimate goal of reducing divorce rates in the state.

Implemented in collaboration with the Wifaq Family Consulting Centre and the Social and Sport Contribution Fund (Daam), the First Year of Marriage program aims to support newly-formed families, enhance their stability, and provide essential services for a successful marriage. The overarching objective is to decrease divorce rates, aligning with the Ministry of Social Development and Family's vision of a strong Qatar built on the cohesion of its families.

The minister acknowledged the collaborative efforts of the Ministry and relevant entities in conducting field studies, surveys, and research to understand the reasons behind divorces in the Qatari community. By identifying the roots of problems leading to separation, the Ministry aims to formulate policies that address these issues and bring about positive changes in the community.

Additionally, the minister highlighted the launch of the "Watad" service by MoSDF, which provides family and educational consultations. This service aims to assist couples and families in addressing challenges that negatively impact the family unit, offering professional consultations that respect family privacy and ensure confidentiality.

By A Robin - January 07, 2024

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