MFK Aqua Media Cologne forte

MFK Aqua Media Cologne forte By A Robin - May 10, 2023
Aqua Media Cologne

Aqua Media Cologne

For Francis Kurkdjian, happiness lies in the simple things nature provides, like the feeling of sunlight on the face, the contemplation of the sky’s ever-changing colors, or the caress of a delicate breeze on the skin. What if happiness was close to hand? Enjoying the pleasures of everyday life and nature, seizing each new day and holding onto the best parts. “More than anything else, happiness is to be well” wrote French author Françoise Sagan, with words as simple as the essential truth they express. Wellbeing is to be in harmony with oneself, one’s mind, one’s body, and nature. Without pretenses.


By A Robin - May 10, 2023

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