Messi's Signing Historical Moment Not Only in French Football but also World Football

Messi's Signing Historical Moment Not Only in French Football but also World Football By Qatar Day - August 12, 2021

French club, Paris Saint-Germain



President of Paris Saint-Germain, Nasser Al Khelaifi, confirmed that signing Argentine star Lionel Messi is a historic event, not only in French football but also in world football.

Al Khelaifi said in the press conference held today during the presentation of the Argentine star. We are the first club that Messi signed for after Barcelona, we have made the best transfer market in the last 10 years, we expect a lot from him on the field, our ambition is great and we do not hide it, this player will bring a lot to the club inside and outside stadium.

The club president added: "I am happy that Messi chose to join Paris Saint-Germain and we are proud to welcome him to Paris with his family. Many big clubs called him, and offered him more money, but he chose this club, he wants to win titles and continue to play at the highest level." The ambition of the club is the same, of course.

He continued by saying that Messi's joining the world-class team "Saint-Germain" confirms the importance and success of our contracts. And with our amazing coach and crew, I look forward to seeing our team make history for all of our fans around the world.

Al Khelaifi added, "We have been applying the rules of financial fair play since day one, and we have continued to respect these rules, and we use the specialists in these areas.. As long as we signed with Messi, this means that we had the legal capacity, today what this star brings to the club is a huge thing, is A great gain for the club, and the club increases the value of its presence in different ways. I hope that you, as media professionals, focus on that.. Messi's arrival will reflect positively on our club. Everyone knows that what we are doing is not only for Paris Saint-Germain, but for French football and France.

When asked about Mbappe's future in Paris, the president of Saint-Germain indicated that everyone knows that he is a Parisian and he is a player in Paris and has a winning mentality and he said publicly that he wants to be in the team, he has no desire to do anything else.

Regarding the Champions League, Al-Khelaifi concluded his speech at the press conference saying, we will think about the Champions League. Now we have the French League. It is easy to say that we are favorites, and surely this is our goal and we must keep it working.

Yesterday, the French club, Paris Saint-Germain, officially announced his contract with Argentine Lionel Messi, on a two-year contract with the possibility of extending for another year, after the expiration of his contract with Barcelona and his sudden departure, ending his 21-year career.

By Qatar Day - August 12, 2021

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