Media City Qatar Signs MoU with QRDI Council to Enhance the Media Innovation Ecosystem in Qatar

Media City Qatar Signs MoU with QRDI Council to Enhance the Media Innovation Ecosystem in Qatar By Sruthi Nair - May 16, 2024
Qatar Economic Forum

Qatar Economic Forum

Media City Qatar (MCQ) and the Qatar Research, Development and Innovation (QRDI) Council have announced a strategic partnership by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the Qatar Economic Forum on 16th May 2024. This collaboration aims to foster an innovation-driven media sector in Qatar, enhancing technological capabilities and global competitiveness in alignment with the National Development Strategy 3 (NDS-3), and MCQ’s directive as regional leader in the media industry, contributing to Qatar’s economic diversification, and The QRDI 2030 Strategy.

The MoU sets the framework for integrating media as a dedicated stream within QRDI Council’s broader innovation initiatives. Under this MoU, MCQ and the QRDI Council will spearhead joint initiatives aimed at fostering innovation capabilities within the media ecosystem. A roadmap will guide the translation of QRDI Council’s funding and supportive initiatives into tangible projects. Additionally, MCQ will participate in the QRDI Council’s Corporate Innovation Leaders program in 2024, encouraging media companies under its umbrella to engage in QRDI Council's Technology Development Grant and Qatar Open Innovation program.

This partnership extends to enhancing the attractiveness of Qatar as a destination for RDI-intensive media organizations by collaborating with key stakeholders, including leading academic institutions. It further aims to structure foreign direct investment for the media cluster, generating positive spillovers within Qatar's RDI ecosystem. Additionally, the initiative will include a series of interdisciplinary training workshops aimed at boosting the innovation skills of MCQ tenants, supporting the creation of high-skilled job opportunities in the media sector, and fostering the continuous development of local talent.

H.E. Sheikh Dr. Abdulla bin Ali Al Thani, Chairman of Media City Qatar, commented on the partnership, stating, "This MoU marks a significant milestone in our commitment to transforming Qatar into a global hub for media innovation. By integrating media into the Council’s innovation programs and aligning our incentives and grants, we are setting the stage for a dynamic, technologically advanced media sector."

Omar Al-Ansari, QRDI Council’s Secretary General, emphasized, “Our partnership with Media City Qatar epitomizes strategic diversification, enriching our portfolio by integrating the vibrant media stream. Recognizing Digital Technology as one of the five National RDI priority areas outlined in our QRDI 2030 Strategy, this collaboration not only expands our innovation landscape but also marks a significant step towards fulfilling our mission of nurturing a culture of technological advancement and creative excellence. This also marks a new chapter in Qatar's global media prominence, contributing to the fulfilment of the Qatar National Vision 2030."

MCQ and QRDI Council will also work closely with key stakeholders to shape a policy and regulatory environment conducive for innovative media companies, facilitating a thriving media landscape in Qatar.

By Sruthi Nair - May 16, 2024
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