McDonald's launches $235 wedding package with burgers and nuggets

McDonald's launches $235 wedding package with burgers and nuggets By A Robin - July 06, 2023


You may now kiss the McBride.

Fast-food giant McDonald’s announced last month that it is now offering a $200 wedding plan for those who wish to have the golden arches cater their big day.

According to a post on the company’s Indonesian Instagram account, the wedding package includes 100 chicken sandwiches and 100 packs of four-piece chicken nuggets.

“McD’ers, let’s make the wedding moment more memorable with the Wedding Mekdi package,” reads a post on the official McDonald’s Indonesian Instagram account. “Available various other exciting package options with a minimum order of 200 pcs.”

According to the Indonesian corporate communication supervisor, Rizki Haryadi, there are other options aside from the chicken sandwich and nuggets.

“There are other service options as well, where we can also provide food stalls at an additional cost,” Haryadi told the Sun.

“The wedding package is not for holding a wedding at a McD store, but only for food, such as catering with prices starting from $235, with a minimum purchase of 200 products.”

Although currently only available in Indonesia, the wedding package may make its way over to the US.

Indonesia’s brand-new wedding package comes several years after one branch of the fast food company in Hong Kong revealed that they perform marriages inside the store, according to the Sun.

The basic “Happiness Party” package, which costs about $382, includes everything from invites, venue, audio equipment and food for an extra $127.

The Post reached out to McDonald’s for comment.

Several people on social media found the announcement hysterical.

“The new breakthrough is now an international restaurant brand entering into weddings,” joked one user.

“It’s crazy when you open a package like this, home catering automatically panics,” laughed a second person.

Recently, McDonald’s went viral after several TikTokers managed to put a dark spin on the company’s Grimace shake, which was released to celebrate one of the company’s mascots.

Released on June 12, the berry-boosted beverage marks Grimace’s birthday and captures the character’s “iconic color and sweetness,” according to the fast-food chain.

The next day, according to KnowYourMeme, a TikToker who goes by @thefrazmaz posted a video of himself sampling the shake, then cutting to the creator seemingly passed out — perhaps even dead — on the floor with the spilled purple drink pooling near his head.

Going viral in a matter of days, several social media-savvy teens attempted to top each other.

It is currently unclear how the fast-food giant is reacting to the wild videos — or, quite frankly, why they started popping up in the first place — although McDonald’s tweeted a photo of the hairy purple blob mascot acknowledging the trend.

By A Robin - July 06, 2023

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