Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris By Janeesha Sagin - September 21, 2023
Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris

Homes Sweet HomesScented candle collection

“Homes have a soul and a story. They are the theater of our daily life, the testimony of an art of living, and a catalyst of emotions. They have always nourished my olfactory memory: my childhood home, my grandparents' apartment, my cousins' country house, the family holiday residence, my Parisian apartment... I translated these intimate places into scents and colors, into a collection of new fragrances to which I associated the word "home", so dear to my heart.

Today, I welcome you to Es Cap, a place on the island of Formentera in Spain where time seems to have stopped. A bubble of well-being, a memory of summer, my beautiful escape that I wanted to share with you.”

Francis Kurkdjian

Es Cap – new launch

At the heart of this arid vegetation sits a refurbished barn where the minimal meets the essential. Es Cap is the elegance of simplicity, the luxury of silence and of an horizon that goes as far as the eye can see. It is red soil, burning white-hot from the summer sun, and radiant blue sky. It is the fragrance of a fig tree, whose voice is carried by a warm wind whipping against the breathtaking cliffs south of Formentera. 
Notes: fig leaves, cedarwood, dry wood accord 
Scented candle - 280g

Rue des Groseillers

Rue des Groseilliers is the street where I grew up about twelve miles from Paris. My family home was bordered by a small vegetable garden where every summer bright red berries delighted us with their sweet savors. Today these flavors unfold in this scented candle that conveys the essence of my childhood memories.

Notes: currant, raspberry, cassis berry
Scented candle – 280 g


This sweet word rekindles the pleasures of the small apartment where I lived for a few years with my maternal grandparents, not far from the Château de Vincennes, just outside Paris. Anouche captures the unforgettable memory of rose petal and plum jam, one of my grandmother’s secret recipes. A candle with a smooth and flowery sweetness, lightly honeyed and spicy, sustained by a burst of quince.

Notes: quince, rose, plum
Scented candle – 280 g

La Trouverie

A farmstead located deep in the French countryside of Le Perche, La Trouverie was the stage for my carefree escapades, games of hide-and-seek, building wood cabins and chasing butterflies. This candle awakens my childhood memories through a sweet aroma of fresh straw that tickles the nose, mingling with lavender and flirting with rosemary and thyme.

Notes: thyme, lavender, rosemary 
Scented candle – 280 g

Les Tamaris

Les Tamaris is my little corner of paradise on the Atlantic coast, between Bordeaux and La Rochelle. It’s a family home in the heart of nature, where the only sounds are the chirping of crickets and the crackling of parasol pines. Like a summer breeze, Les Tamaris carries the scent of the everlastings and acacias that grow along the footpaths leading down to the sea.

Notes: immortelle flower, parasol pine, acacia
Scented candle – 280 g

Au 17

I love Paris, its magic and free-spirited vibe. Au 17 is my nest in the City of Light. Its cozy, eclectic atmosphere witnesses intimate dinners, lively soirées and tender morning-after’s. They unfold in the warm glow of this candle that evokes the mingled aromas of an open fire and Japanese incense.

Notes: ambery accord, incense, wood fire
Scented candle – 280 g


By Janeesha Sagin - September 21, 2023

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