Lekhwiya Qatar: How It Protects The Nation And Its People

Lekhwiya Qatar: How It Protects The Nation And Its People By Qatar Day - May 11, 2018
Lekhwiya Internal Security Force

Lekhwiya Internal Security Force

As you journey down the avenues of Doha, numerous a period you more likely than not passed a bright red land cruiser with yellow trimmings and the word 'Lekhwiya' imprinted on its side in English and Arabic stopped along the edge of the street or close traffic lights in key areas around the nation. What's more, frankly, I have dependably been very in wonderment of these huge red vehicles and furthermore a little apprehensive when I pass them. 

For a very long time, I pondered precisely what they did as I didn't frequently observe them with blazing lights hustling racing the nation's roads like a portion of the other police vehicles I have seen around Doha. That is the point at which I thought I expected to do some examination on Qatar's inward security compel called Lekhwiya to figure out what they did and what their duty was. This is the thing that I learned: 


Lekhwiya is an Arabic word which is gotten from the Qatari expression of 'khoi' which brother.The word was utilized by the Qatari people for the tribesmen who remained nearby to the ruler. It was the obligation of these tribesmen to gather tax from the public, keep up security and the respectability of the general public, maintain law and control of the territory, and furthermore to guarantee the nation was being driven by the adoration for god, patriotism and love for the ruler.


The Lekhwiya security force was set up as per Law No.12 of 2004 under the leadership of the HH Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani who led the nation before his child His Highness The Amir Sheikh Tamim container Hamad Al Thani assumed control. Lekhwiya is specifically connected to the Amir.


Lekhwiya's qualities are to work straightforwardly and sincerely to ensure the most noteworthy level of equity and honesty in keeping up the welfare and the rights of the people who live in Qatar, (local resident and expats) with common regard and  responsibly without being authoritarian in its activities. 


Lekhwiya's  believes in the most noteworthy level of fairness and integrity and its vision is to keep Qatar secure, stable and a serene nation. It endeavors to guarantee each person and the general public by and large are sheltered so the nation can advance and flourish economically, culturally and socially.


The duties of the Lekhwiya incorporate, yet are not not limited to:

-  Assembling in light of security dangers against the state. These incorporate terrorism and different acts that may threaten Qatar's inward security.

-  Ensuring that all visiting dignitaries, heads of states, and VIP visitors to Qatar are safe amid their time here.

-  Helping and supporting different state organizations in keeping up in general security and dependability inside the nation.

-  Giving security to real meetings and occasions and other public places.

-  Protecting the land border and coastal line.

-  Exploring violations that exist in its locale. Ex, combatting smuggling and illicit passage into the nation alongside managing revolting and touchy materials and arms.

-  Counteracting animosity on nature and marine establishments. 


Lekhwiya's as a matter of first importance mission is to keep up stability and security in Qatar and ensure Qatar and its people stay safe so the nation can push ahead. 

Lekhwiya likewise has a mobile hospital which is one of a kind in the area and was planned uncommonly to meet the requests of the internal security force.

It has a limit with respect to eight individuals and is utilized for emergency cases and when Lekhwiya partakes in universal philanthropic guide causes like the UN Peacekeeping mission in Lebanon (UNIFIL)(UNIFIL) 

The mobile hospital is outfitted with a qualified medical group, a task room that can manage pressing and minor medical procedures, a research center for restorative examinations and a drug store. It additionally a seven blood pressure devices, mobile x-ray machine,  ECG ultrasound machine, defibrillator and four suction devices.

The Training

Lekhwiya units need to experience thorough training programmes to guarantee they are gifted and fit enough to deal with and handle security challenges in accordance with the most recent advancements on the planet. 

These include particular trainings, drills and workshops alongside mandatory and committed courses identified with ability improvement in the fields of security, organization and medicinal.


By Qatar Day - May 11, 2018

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