Kuwait launches electronic driving licenses for expats

Kuwait launches electronic driving licenses for expats By A Robin - December 13, 2023
Driving license

Driving license

As of Monday, Kuwait has implemented electronic driving licenses for expatriates, in accordance with Ministerial Resolution No. (410) of 2023. Approved by Sheikh Talal Al Khaled, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, the resolution establishes a one-year validity for these licenses, with options for renewal.

Under this initiative, overseen by the General Traffic Department, the requirement for physical copies of licenses for expatriates has been eliminated. Renewal processes can now be conducted electronically through the Ministry of Interior's website or the "Sahel" government app. The activation of the new licenses will be facilitated through the "Kuwait Mobile ID" section within the app.

Residents can conveniently check the status of their licenses using the "Kuwait Mobile ID" app, where a green mark indicates validity, while a red mark signifies expiration. It's important to note that this transition to electronic licenses excludes domestic and international truck drivers.

For Kuwait residents traveling abroad, it's essential to use licenses issued by their respective countries. This shift to digital licenses is part of Kuwait's broader efforts to enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and reduce paperwork, aligning with the country's goals in digital transformation.

By A Robin - December 13, 2023

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