Kuwait deports over 11,000 expats in 4 months

Kuwait deports over 11,000 expats in 4 months By A Robin - May 01, 2023


The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior has revealed that over 11,000 expats of various nationalities have been deported from Kuwait between January 1 and April 28, 2023, for violating residency laws.

This comes as part of a wider crackdown on residency and employment law violators in the country, aimed at adjusting demographics and ensuring security.

The deportation effort has seen an average of 92 expats being deported every day, with authorities increasing surveillance and enforcement measures across all regions of the country.

Sheikh Talal Al Khaled, First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior, and Acting Minister of Defence, as well as Lieutenant General Anwar Al Barjas, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, have instructed authorities to take strict action against individuals who break residency laws.

The Ministry of Interior has stated that it will continue to pursue violators, prohibit marginal employment, and gather information on those who offer shelter to visa violators. The goal is to refer them to the appropriate authorities for further investigation.

With these measures in place, the government hopes to maintain security and ensure that residency and employment laws are followed by everyone in the country.

By A Robin - May 01, 2023

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