Kuwait deports 680 expats in three days

Kuwait deports 680 expats in three days By A Robin - June 06, 2023
Kuwait Expats

Kuwait Expats

Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior has deported 680 expatriates of Asian and African origin within an unprecedentedly swift three-day span.

The deportees, who hailed from eight countries, were held at the Talha Prison before they sent them back between May 27 and May 29.

The Public Relations and Security Media Department of the Ministry of Interior said that they were deported without any delay after following the required procedures.

Procedures included fingerprinting and photographing each individual, followed by arranging their immediate flights out of Kuwait, ensuring they were returned safely to their home countries.

The reasons behind the deportations varied from verdicts issued by the criminal court, administrative decisions to violations of Kuwait’s residence and labour laws.

By A Robin - June 06, 2023

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