Know The Reason For Lower Back Pain After Intercourse

Know The Reason For Lower Back Pain After Intercourse By Daniel Clark - June 20, 2021
Know The Reason For Lower Back Pain After Intercourse


Today, many of us are facing back pain issues. The cases of back pain are not only restricted to old people, but the younger generation has also fallen in the trap. Back pain has become one of the most common problems considering today’s lifestyle. As such, many orthopedic surgeons are trying out their best to treat patients with the help of medicines such as Combiflam who complain of back pain often.

If you go by numbers, then at least 4 out of 5 adults suffer from severe to mild back pain in one or more in their lifetime. Thus, after common cold, cases of back pain are quite frequent especially among adults below the age group of 45 years.

Back is an extremely important part of the human body as it comprises of the spinal cord. The spinal cord is responsible for proper mobility of the body as well as strength. It enables movements like turning, twisting and bending, while due to the strength or power we can stand, walk jump as well as lift things up.

In order to carry out our daily routine in a smooth manner, it is extremely important that our back functions properly and remains intact without any issues. Pain in the back can restrict your activity and reduce your work capacity and quality of enjoyment of everyday living. Learn more at Sparkhealthmd.

Common Causes of Back Pain

One may suffer from back pain for a number of reasons. The problem of back pain must be the same among many, but the cause differs significantly due to age, gender, daily activities, health issues, toxicity accumulated in the body, injury and more. Understanding the root cause of the problem is as important as treating it with proper medical guidance.

While some may suffer from a Back Sprain, others may have a Back Strain. Both these terms though sound similar have slight differences. A muscle strain is likely to occur when the muscles of the back are overworked (stretched too far that leads to damage) or have a poor conditioning.

On the other hand, a ligament sprain may take place suddenly causing an injury due to forceful movements. It is caused due to over-stretching and tearing that abruptly affect the ligaments on the back. It is the ligaments that connect the backbones together.

Various injuries sprain as well as strains mostly lead to severe or mild back pain that can disrupt your daily activities.

Below are the several reasons or causes because of which back pain is experienced.

• Improper Conditioning
• Inadequate use
• Abnormal stretching of the back muscles
• Smoking
• Obesity (condition of the excessive amount of body fat)
• Mechanical issues and soft-tissue injuries
• Inter-vertebral discs
• Compression of nerve roots
• Improper movement of the spinal joints.
• Heavy weight lifting
• Poor posture
• Spine twisting
• Unfavorable sleeping position
• Poor elasticity of muscles
• Decrease in strength

Though back pain, strain, and sprain are not very dangerous unless they reach a chronic level, it is important to take adequate measures to prevent back pain. It can be reduced or the pace can be controlled by regular yoga and exercise, proper lifting of heavy objects, proper diet, and nutrition as well as reducing or totally avoiding smoking.

There are also nutritional supplements that may help the body slow or reverse the effects of osteoporosis over time.

The Hush-Hush Relationship between Back Pain and Sexual Intercourse

Back Pain can be caused due to various reasons as mentioned above, but one of the major reasons that are often not talked about is back pain after sexual intercourse. Yes, sex is as painful as fun and relaxing it is.

The term painful intercourse talks about the various types of pain the partners may face while indulging in the act or immediately after it. It includes Problems with the ovaries, Problems with the uterus and more. One such common and the increasing problem faced during intercourse by couples is back pain.

Intercourse can lead to back pain due to a number of factors such as:

• Muscle stretching
• Too much weight on top
• Unfavorable sexual position
• Overexertion
• Or also may be due to STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)

Back pain can seriously affect your sex life and the pleasures you wish to derive from the act. As such, if you’re suffering from back pain there are chances that you may find yourself avoiding any intimate moments. This is because the fear of aggravating the pain has housed inside you. But, things may turn bitter and sour if your soul mate misunderstands the reason for your low interest in intimacy. It can severely impact your relationship if you don’t open up about the problem you’re facing.

It may be a little difficult initially, probably because you’re not able to explain how grave your situation has become, but it is important to share to save your relationship. Open up about back pain in the open to your partner as well as your doctor. They will only find it easy to help you and get you out of this problem.

Sex itself its somewhere a subject that one does not openly speak about in the open, as such having sexual troubles is considered more of a taboo aspect to lend a voice to. While some gather the courage and speak about it, many succumb to social thinking and embarrassments, thus worsening their condition.

If you wish to have a good, happy and active sex life, then it is important that you do away with the general perception, accept the problem and ask for help. Have faith and trust in your partner and also your doctor, they will only understand the problem and try to fix it if they have proper knowledge about your back pain issues. Don’t shy away, speak up. It is better safe than sorry.

Remedies to Cure Back Pain Naturally

Is back pain after a good intercourse making you weak and suffer? Are you trying to find out ways to get rid of back pain after intercourse?

You might have developed a muscle strain or a ligament sprain during the act. Is the unbearable back pain restricting your flexibility, movement and stopping you for doing your daily chores smoothly? Are you avoiding sexual intercourse with your partner frequently because you fear that it might worsen your back condition? If you can relate you all the things mentioned above, then what efforts are you actually putting to do away with the back pain after sex and get back to a healthy and active sex life?

If you wish to cure back pain problem, then there are some easy and useful methods you can adapt and live your life smoothly thereafter. Back pain is not like a headache that can be treated within a few hours. It will not get healed overnight. It will need ample time and proper care to get effective and successful results. Be patient and continue the healing procedure consistently.

If you take the extra care towards your back pain in the first stage only, then you can avoid worsening the condition, and also do away with medical treatments and surgeries.

Below is a list of methods/ways that you can undertake to treat back pain following intercourse at home.

Take proper Rest

In case you have hurt your back while indulging in sexual activity with your partner, then all you may need is proper rest for the body to heal and get back to the normal stage. Many people suffering from back pain are relieved after a few days of taking proper rest at home. You can take bed rest for a very short period; say for about 3 days, but not for a longer duration. As during this time, your muscles will remain immobile and this could worsen the situation instead of solving it. A little mobility and small movement are acceptable and beneficial get rid of back pain and let your body remain fit.

• OTC (over-the-counter) medicines
• OTC medications refer to tablets that are easily available in a medical store, pharmacy as well as with a local medical druggist. These are safe medicines that can be availed to cure minor medical issues without any prescription from a medical practitioner or a qualified doctor.

Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen or naxopren usually used to cure back pain may make back pain suffering or problem less severe. They have the ability to even treat worst back pain issues when the body is in the healing stage.

However, it is advised to thoroughly to follow the directions and use it in the manner described on the package. Remember if you do not strictly stick to the described dosage, timing and duration, it may not only have effective results but may also have certain side-effects.

In case an OTC (non prescribed medication) is not working to heal your back pain despite consuming it for several days, then instead of experimenting and self-medicating, it is better you visit a doctor and get yourself checked thoroughly. Take his guidance and advice for another medication that will help you get rid of back pain as soon as possible.  

You can also use other methods to cure back pain such as Massage therapy, Physical Therapy, Proper Planning before indulging in the act as well as understanding when to stop.

By Daniel Clark - June 20, 2021

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