Kingdom of Morocco Named Qatar's 2024 Years of Culture Partner

Kingdom of Morocco Named Qatar's 2024 Years of Culture Partner By Fathimath Nasli - February 15, 2024
Kingdom of Morocco Named Qatar 2024 Years of Culture Partner

Morocco has been named as the 2024 Years of Culture partner

The Kingdom of Morocco has been named as the 2024 Years of Culture partner. The Years of Culture initiative spearheads long-term cultural exchanges between Qatar and other nations.

A full lineup of more than 80 events is set to unfold across Qatar and Morocco throughout the year. Tailored to encompass various cultural components such as social development, cultural heritage, creative industries, and innovation, these dynamic programs aim to spark exploration and connection between the people of both nations and create lasting legacies of cooperation.

Qatar and Morocco first launched diplomatic ties in 1972 and have since successfully collaborated in a wide range of sectors including security, judiciary, and tourism leading to shared economic growth HE Years of Culture Chairperson Sheikha Al-Mayassa bint Hamad Al-Thani said, "Our partnership in 2024 with the Kingdom of Morocco will be the first Year of Culture that Qatar celebrates one-on-one with a North African country, bringing together two nations that share profound ties. The initiative will give the people of our countries dozens of exciting opportunities to learn deeply about one another and forge new connections, with a special emphasis this time on cultural heritage and its continuing influence on contemporary life. We look forward to a vibrant and wide-ranging program that will resonate far into the future for both the Qatari and Moroccan communities."

Adel El Fakir, Qatar-Morocco 2024 Year of Culture General Commissioner, said: "Qatar-Morocco 2024 is a unique event that reinforces the privileged relations between our two countries. It is also an exceptional opportunity to introduce to Qatar and to the whole world the rich cultural heritage of Morocco in all its diversity and its particularities which make our country a unique secular country, anchored in its roots, and at the same time open to the world."

HE Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad Al-Thani launched Years of Culture in 2012 based on Qatar's steadfast belief that cultural interactions are powerful tools for finding common ground between diverse societies. Programming includes art exhibitions, cultural festivals, educational partnerships, and exchanges, organized in collaboration with local and international participants.

Many of the initiative's long-running programs will return for Qatar-Morocco 2024. The Photography Journey, the longest-running Years of Culture exchange, will see photographers from Qatar and Morocco explore each other's landscapes, capturing their perspectives on cultural diversity through their lenses. Additionally, shared traditions of arts and craftsmanship will be explored through artisan residencies and public workshops in both countries. Major exhibitions, culinary experiences, and sporting events will also take place throughout the year.

The previously announced Design Doha biennial will include collaborations with Moroccan designers as part of the Qatar-Morocco 2024 Year of Culture. The biennial showcase for excellence and innovation in the design community in Qatar and the MENA region is a new platform for practitioners from across the Arab world, helping to build professional pathways and engage with acclaimed design professionals from around the world.

The Qatar-Morocco 2024 Year of Culture is developed in collaboration with leading organizations in Qatar with counterparts in Morocco and with assistance from the Moroccan Ministry of Youth, Culture, and Communication, Qatar's Embassy in Morocco, and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Qatar.

Previous Years of Culture have included: Qatar-Japan 2012, Qatar-UK 2013, Qatar-Brazil 2014, Qatar-Türkiye 2015, Qatar-China 2016, Qatar-Germany 2017, Qatar-Russia 2018, Qatar-India 2019, Qatar-France 2020, Qatar-USA 2021, Qatar-MENASA 2022, and Qatar-Indonesia 2023.

Source: QNA

By Fathimath Nasli - February 15, 2024

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