Katara Unveils Its Events During FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Katara Unveils Its Events During FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 By A Robin - October 11, 2022
Katara Cultural Village

Katara Cultural Village

The Cultural Village Foundation - Katara announced Monday its events associated with FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

In a press conference, General Manager of Katara Cultural Village Foundation Dr. Khalid bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti said that the foundation is set to organize 51 events, including 300 sub-events with the participation of 22 countries during the period from Nov. 18 to Dec. 18, 2022, adding that such events are distributed to five key branches, including festivals, ceremonies, exhibitions, live presentations and events, pointing out that Katara will attend the global tournament with all wide spectrums of cultural, artistic and heritage innovation, adding that the landmark event which the State of Qatar is honored to host as the first Arab and Middle East country represents an exceptional opportunity to demonstrate the bright side of the Qatari authentic culture and traditions that would offer the opportunity for the world peoples to have a glimpse into the Qatari culture, values and communities, indicating that Katara aspires to accomplish this aspect through launching its events associated with this global tournament.

Dr. Khalid Ibrahim Al Sulaiti pointed out that Katara will unveil activities and cultural steadfast movements that contribute to highlighting the Qatari culture and its identity to the visitors, noting that the most prominent events associated with FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 include the organization of the second edition of the international festival of katara's traditional bearings that represents a vibrant heritage painting that provides the legacy of Grandparents and ancestors, and highlights their life details to demonstrate the cultural repertoire and popular heritage for the tournament guests, in addition to the festival of street arts that will be held in all Katara venues to offer an opportunity for the artists, actors and musicians to freely perform in front of the audience, whether individually or collectively.
He indicated that Katara audience will stay tuned for concerts performed by global musicians from Argentina, the UK and Arab countries, because music is a global common language among all people, adding that Katara will likewise hold artistic exhibitions and events from Paraguay, Dominican, Uruguay, Ecuador, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Mexico, Indonesia and Iran.

With regard to the Arab heritage, he indicated that there are exhibitions of ceramics, the Arabic lute, and the arts of Arabic calligraphy, as well as activities for children, pointing out that Katara has been keen on the presence of the book on this international occasion, by launching 22 books About FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 at Katara Publishing House in Arabic and English languages, in addition to book-related events with the participation of all Qatari publishing houses, which will converge under one ceiling, in addition to the activities of the Clock Club, the Novel Center, Kahraman Center and others.

On the outcome of some of the fixed events organized by Katara during this period of the year, such as the Katara Prize for Novel, Fan Zones in the Cultural Village, and the Arab Communities Program, especially those whose countries have been qualified for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Dr. Al Sulaiti told Qatar News Agency (QNA) that it is anticipated to announce the World Book Day in France on Oct. 14, 2022, based on the request submitted by the Cultural Village Foundation in 2016 in coordination with the rest of the Arab countries to provide a pioneering initiative to give the Arabic novel its place in the Arab and international cultural scene in general, where World Novel Week was adopted during the 112th session of the UNESCO Executive Board and UNESCO General Conference in its 41st session, held in November 2021, and will be an annual celebration from October 13 to 20 of each year with narrators and novels in their various categories, topics, purposes and writers.


By A Robin - October 11, 2022

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