Katara Unveils 50 Cultural, Recreational Activities within Eid Al Fitr Program

Katara Unveils 50 Cultural, Recreational Activities within Eid Al Fitr Program By A Robin - April 14, 2024
Katara Qatar

Katara Qatar

The Cultural Village Foundation (Katara) launched Wednesday Eid Al Fitr activities with roughly 50 cultural and recreational events and theatrical and dramatic arts, which will run throughout Eid days.

Children were lucky to receive a substantial number of gifts and enjoy captivating festivities at Katara Corniche, while families and visitors hailing from different nationalities watched the Qatari Ardha, which drew a huge turnout. The event featured patrimonial shows and popular songs in which Arab swords were used alongside drums and tambourines that were impressively performed portraying the inveterate Qatari legacy and patrimony.

The visitors watched and enjoyed the shows performed by Moroccan, Egyptian, Palestinian and Syrian bands in which paintings inspired by the heritage and civilizations of Arab countries were presented, with the police band music receiving huge admiration from the public because the performance was strikingly stellar. The band played a variety of musical instruments deriving their tunes from the contemporary art combined with the authentic Qatari legacy.

The public watched an exceptional and buoyant show of Al Nahma lyrical art performed by the musician Hamid Al Naama at Al Hikma Square in Katara which inspired the Qatari patrimonial art highlighting the richness of the song legacy that abounds with innovative maritime arts and traditions. Also, the theatrical play "Land of Life" drew a huge crowd of people at Katara Corniche, inspiring the topic of agriculture, environment conservation and self-dependence.

Additionally, art workshops drew large crowds from children and parents, varying between art, handcraft, and interactive events, such as workshops on flowers, Eid ornamental activities, coloring and balloon shaping workshops for children and others.

Art shows at Katara will be running throughout the days of Eid Al Fitr to allow the public to enjoy a wide range of art and innovative experiences.


By A Robin - April 14, 2024

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